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  1. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    2020 JLUR in Calgary area. Been out to ghost PLUZ a few times this year and excited to try out Mclean and maybe some trails in BC next year.
  2. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Playing around with photo editing software..
  3. Skid Plate Options and Choices

    I've been told that its possibly due to the drive shaft or control arms contacting the plate. I haven't been able to find anyone complaining about it though so am trying to find people with experience with the skid plate before I buy the bump extensions.
  4. Skid Plate Options and Choices

    Do you happen to be on stock ride height? If so did you install a bump stop extension? I have this same plate in my garage for my 2020 JLUR but I havent installed it because I did not order the extensions and saw they are recommended in the instructions. Would love to install it lol
  5. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Hello from Canada! My mostly stock (for now) 2020 JLUR. Plan on doing wheels/35's, bumper and winch sooner than later hopefully. Open to suggestions on wheels, looking for something with red accents possibly.
  6. Evo Oil Pan Skid Plate

    Sounds pretty important to have an extension then lol do you know if adding 1" of bumpstop will effect ride quality much? Not super familiar with them.
  7. Evo Oil Pan Skid Plate

    Hello all, After my most recent trip in my new 2020 JLUR I made the decision to buy myself some piece of mind and pick up an EVO skid plate for the oil pan/trans cooler lines. I just recieved it and reviewing the instructions, it states that a 1" bumpstop extension is recommended and before...
  8. Fishbone Offroad Rocker Guards

    Yeah fair enough, I love the LOD's and was looking at ACE sliders aswell for around the same price point. I will probably end up going with one of those just because I haven't heard enough about the fishbone products to satisfy that it would be a good purchase lol
  9. Fishbone Offroad Rocker Guards

    Does anybody have any experience with these rocker guards? I cant find much info about them and would know if they are solid, how they look and how they mount. Link for reference:
  10. Fuel Storage Options

    Awesome thanks! Those hinge mounted ones look pretty sweet..
  11. Fuel Storage Options

    Hey guys new to the forum and Jeep ownership! Recently purchased a 2020 JLUR in black and am incredibly excited about it. Looking to do some light overlanding trips in the future and am looking into options for mounting extra fuel. I was looking at the trailrax system however would also like...