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  1. Confirmed: Offset and backspace of stock JL Rubicon wheel

    Alright, trying to use the tool for comparison and wrap my tiny brain around all of this. I think I understand my situation but hoping for clarification. I'm currently running 315x70r17 on factory wheels with 1.75" spidertrax spacers. The plan is to go with 37x13.5r17 and eliminate the...
  2. JL Trektop

    Here’s a pic of the new tailgate bar piece installed. Seems way better and more secure. It is one piece that replaces the 2 pieces that came with my bar.
  3. JL Trektop

    The order # email I received said tailgate bar should arrive in 4-5 business days. As of today I had not heard anymore and it hasn't arrived (9th business day) so I called for an update. I was told the tailgate bars just came in and it should ship later today.
  4. JL Trektop

    LOD offroad signature sliders
  5. JL Trektop

    Thanks, thought they looked like 37s! I'm on Evo 2.5" lift with 35x12.5 trail grapplers and looking at going to flat fenders and 37x13.5
  6. JL Trektop

    Off topic but what lift and tires are you running?
  7. JL Trektop

    My understanding is it was a small sample size affected by this issue and if you cal them with the serial # off the window it can be determined if it's one of the affected ones. Must have been an issue in the manufacturing process for a day or something? Not sure...Mine doesn't flap at all.
  8. JL Trektop

    I called Bestop today to follow up on my tailgate bar weatherstripping issue. They reviewed my photos while I was on the phone and immediately ordered a new tailgate bar with free shipping. Should be here early next week and I'll update again when it arrives.
  9. JL Trektop

    He did not. Just said to email customer service which is [email protected] It auto replies with a ticket # and says they will respond within 2 days.
  10. JL Trektop

    I spoke with Nick @ Bestop this morning. He said the issue of the extra piece not staying in place has been fixed. I was instructed to send a picture and a copy of my receipt from NR4x4 and that they'd get a whole new piece shipped out to me. Unsure if that means whole new tailgate bar or...
  11. JL Trektop

    I will be calling probably tomorrow. I installed my trektop last night and it came with the extra piece that is supposed to fix the tailgate gap. Problem is that extra piece doesn't stay in place and continues to fall off. Is there an actual fix in the works? Like a re-designed tailgate bar?
  12. Project Aftermarket LED Brackets

    I'll patiently wait, and check daily for progress. If price is reasonable I'll take a setup for me and a setup for my mom.
  13. Project Aftermarket LED Brackets

    Extremely interested in this, please put me on your list and shoot some pricing info when available!