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  1. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    Just to report back from October. Both seat latches seem to be working fine so far. I guess there was an issue with the mechanism that releases the seat. They also replaced some parts that made the release require less force - must be a bulletin on this as they found it when it was in. It...
  2. Skid plates 2 door only

    Well, after using all of my skid plates I wanted to report my results: I seem to have avoided any real damage on the trails. The front diff skid hit several obstacles on the trail. I was surprised how many times I hit it. It protected the diff well, but the U bolt did get knocked off the top...
  3. Anyone going to Moab Jeep Jamboree?

    Sounds good. I'll PM you soon and we will meet up.
  4. Anyone going to Moab Jeep Jamboree?

    I'm checking in to the Moab Valley Inn on Thursday. I'm on the road in Nebraska currently. Well spend some time in Colorado this week before Moab. I'll let you know when I figure out when I will arrive in Moab. I will certainly find you and say hello.
  5. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    Both installed yesterday. They seem the same design wise, but time will tell. If I have problems again I will report back. Still have 2.5 years on my warranty, so hopefully something will be improved by then, otherwise I will have to design my own improvement as these seem to be ridiculously...
  6. Dealership breaks passenger seat and can't fix small issue

    FYI, there is a thread on the 2 door seat fold handle.
  7. Anyone going to Moab Jeep Jamboree?

    It's a week away. Is anyone here going to be there?
  8. Hit a Bump Almost Died

    This is often true, but there are too many absolute statements here. I had a stock TJ Unlimited (LJ) for almost 9 years. It would death wobble regularly on me if the tires needed rotate or alignment wasn't nearly perfect. This Jeep was never lifted, stock factory wheels, stock Rubicon tire...
  9. JL (2DR) Want to trade: Rubicon Wheels for Moab Wheels

    Last bump before I give up on this.
  10. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    I haven't had my JL through the winter yet, but I am curious to see how it compares to my TJ with the straight 6. That was blowing warm air before I got to the end of my block. Loved it, really eliminates the concern with a not so insulated top.
  11. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    Most of my conversations with non Jeep owners go the other way. They start with someone seeing my Jeep and saying. "I want to have a Jeep" or "My next car will be a Jeep" I follow by asking why? Usually their answer is something thoughtless like they are cool, or I always wanted one, or I...
  12. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    New update. I got a call from Jeep Cares yesterday and they said the second handle should be at my dealer in 3 to 5 business days. I have an appointment at my dealer to install both next Thursday. I will report back.
  13. Skid plates 2 door only

    I was looking at the DV8 too, but when you add the cost of the engine oil pan skid it was more than the TnT option at around $500. That is one of the reasons I went that route. I too am using the stock gas tank and transfer plate skid. I have the front diff skid to protect the drain plug on...
  14. Skid plates 2 door only

    Install went very well on Saturday. Easy and just as expected. Nothing I had to figure out or modify. Just bolt it on. I really like the way this skid is designed. Just what I was looking for for my use. I'm not planning to rock crawl regularly, so I think for me a whole system is just...
  15. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    One side handle should arrive to my dealer soon. No word yet on the other side. I will report back when I hear.
  16. Skid plates 2 door only

    My skid is on it's way. TnT has had good communication and been pleasant to work with. I will report back when I get a chance to install it this weekend.
  17. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    Clearly there is a problem here. Given how obviously weak it is, I have to think they will remedy it.
  18. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    So, good story here. I drop off my Jeep at the dealer this afternoon and all goes well. I explained the broken handle and tell him that it was flimsy from the beginning. I bring him out to my Jeep to show him and mention that so far I've not had any trouble with the driver's side, as we look...
  19. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    My spring is still in place. The whole handle assembly is just not attached to the seat frame any longer. I am dropping it off at the dealer tonight to have them look at it. I will report back.
  20. Factory Trade In

    They can get pretty creative with this ploy too. My friend got contatced that the dealer had a customer looking for a Grand Cherokee just like his in some rare blue paint color. They could give him top dollar as they had a customer already lined up. He went in and discovered it was BS, just...