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  1. 2019 JL Rubicon making hissing noise when accelerating

    Yep, I have a 2019 Sahara 3.6 and occasionally I hear the same thing. Always thought it was a strange noise but it never stuck around long enough for me to show a dealer. If yours gets diagnosed please let us know!
  2. Questionable Carfax on '18 JLU Sahara

    Is there something unique or special that you like about this particular example? Chrysler makes hundreds of thousands of these things - no reason to take a chance. Find one without a story.
  3. National dealer search?

    Try, they have reasonably accurate new car Inventory.
  4. Clicking noise when turning.

    I had my dealership tighten the ball joints while they were performing the damper recall. They said the ball joints were all torqued to spec, but could hear the clicking as they rotated. They torqued them a little further, and so far i have not heard the clicking. It used to be very easy to...
  5. Oil capacity of JL Rubicon

    Where are you located? The same thing happened to me today. I got my first oil change and noticed the paperwork said 6 quarts. So I inquired and the manager came back and said something along the lines of, “I spoke with the tech, he said he used 5.5 as indicated in the computer but has to put 6...
  6. 3.0 Diesel release lottery

    What are the odds of a manual transmission option?
  7. Tire advice for 2018 JL Sport Unlimited

    I can vouch for rubi take offs. I put them on my Sahara right away and I love them. They do ride a LITTLE more truck like vs the stock setup but they look awesome. I drive a lot for work and I’m constantly at highway speeds no issues at all. Only thing to consider is winter. They’re technically...
  8. What new features would you like to see on the 2020 JL?

    1) ventilated seats 2) clothes hanger clip things in the back somewhere 3) 360 camera 4) diesel w manual tranny 5) more XM preset buttons 6) auto-up windows 7) permanent disabling of auto start/stop 8) power seats with driver memory
  9. Driving in deep sand - 19 Sahara 6mt with LSD

    Sahara here with manual transmission and limited slip. Keep you posted if I get into a similar situation in snow or sand. On another note, is there any benefit in leaving off the limited slip option when building a sport or Sahara? For the price, why would anybody choose to leave it off...
  10. JL Wrangler Altitude Edition in Builder Now

    Noticing that the Sahara Altitude with leather seats doesn't include the leather dash components. It appears to be the dark plastic. One thing I love about my Sahara is the clean black leather look on the interior.
  11. Help on CT sales tax

    Can you ask the dealer to re-run the deal? Unless I’m mistaken, this is a dealer error. 6.35% sales tax is appropriate here. The burden shouldn’t be on you to correct it.
  12. Help on CT sales tax

    Interesting. What is the total sale minus sales tax? Any dealer fees, add-on’s, debt roll over, etc?
  13. Putting doors back on issue

    I think I understand what you’re struggling with. Yesterday I had the same issue. When you try to drop the door back into the hinges do it so the door angle is open. In other words, imagine the door swung open vs a few inches from being closed. When you re attach the door with the door being in...
  14. Connecticut For Sale: brand new Sahara JL wheels and tires

    @Sippican @m3reno PM’s sent. Thanks guys.
  15. Qualify of Life Mods for Daily Driver (Sahara)

    Here’s what I did for my JLUS daily: (1) get rid of the metal whip antenna, replace with a short black rubber one. (2) get rear roof sun shade for kid in back car seat (3) rubi wheels. (4) rubber floor mats front and back, including cargo area. (5) bottle of high quality paint sealant, apply...
  16. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    I starting feeling this spongy/grindy feeling in the clutch petal at like 600 miles on my JLUS. I noticed it the first time I was in city traffic and was constantly in and out of first gear with a lot of clutch modulation. Can’t stop noticing it now though it’s most noticeable when driving slow...
  17. Connecticut For Sale: brand new Sahara JL wheels and tires

    BUMP. Price drop to $999. But who am I kidding... make an offer! :-)