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  1. Undisclosed Part Number or Name?

    Thanks , you lead me to the right part number which is 68421918AA
  2. Alpine PSS-23WRA Full Sound System Upgrade Issue

    well it was fixed, mainly because the cables underneath the seat was touching the ground power harness which caused the interference. watch out!
  3. Undisclosed Part Number or Name?

    Hi, I've got this part broken and i have no idea its name or part number , anyone have an idea what's it called so i can proceed searching it? thanks.
  4. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    I took it to the radio store and they fixed it, they said something about the cables was laid near the ground power cord or something like that, I really didnt care as long it worked fine, thanks for your reply.
  5. Alpine PSS-23WRA Full Sound System Upgrade Issue

    Hi, I’ve just finished installing alpine psd-23wra full sound system upgrade on my JL sport and the front tweeters keeps turning off, I switch my car off and leave it for a while and start it again the tweeters start working and in a bit one of them turns off or sometimes both, did anyone have...
  6. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Ok I’ve completed the installation, I have an issue for the front new alpine tweeters, it keeps disconnecting(stops working) when I increase the volume to a medium level, sometimes it stops working when I start the car and volume isn’t loud, it works again after turning my car and leave it for...
  7. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Great thread thanks, I’ve installed it but the front speakers didn’t work, I got fed up Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to take the screen and check the wires maybe a cable got disconnected while stuffing it back the screen, fingers crossed🤞
  8. Winch Winch Winch

    I wanted to install EVO 8000 lbp WARN on my JL with front steel mopar bumper , the weird thing that the dealer told me I dont need to install the winch mount or plate, I googled and never saw anyone installing it without a mount/plate, can it be installed without it?
  9. Outside of North America Fox DSC 2.5 after install

    Just installed Fox DSC on my JL sport, it’s a nightmare, car is extremely bouncy which caused a bad back pain, I took it to the local dealer and they reduced the tire pressure to 1.9 instead of 2.6 and recommended that I add extra weight on my Jeep ( Winch + accessories) , has anyone had this...
  10. Outside of North America Wires found in tailgate

    Well I took it to the dealer to program it and it worked fine, camera cost me 90 USD and installing + programming it was 100 USD, the funny thing is when I contacted the dealer before they told be it would cost 1200 USD to install
  11. Outside of North America 7.0 to 8.4 factory screen

    Thanks, Was it pre-installed or did you install it?
  12. Outside of North America 7.0 to 8.4 factory screen

    I have a JL sport unlimited with a 7 inch screen, I want to upgrade it to factory 8.4 but when I searched it in it showed many options without description, where can I find it with more info?
  13. Outside of North America Wires found in tailgate

    Thanks, so I’ll just plug it with my Mopar camera I ordered and program it with my mini tazer, I hope it’s easy as I said that :)
  14. Outside of North America Wires found in tailgate

    Hi, I opened the Tailgate cover in my JL Sport 2020 and found these wires , what are they for? I hope it’s for the backup camera because I really want to install it
  15. Parksense issue after new 35” spare tire and relocation bracket installed

    Hi, I have the same problem, what did you mean when you said turned the tire?
  16. My JL has had several major issues in first 10k miles, what should i do?

    Sorry to hear that, seems your Jeep was a Monday built
  17. Delaware JL backup camera system

    I’ve bought 2020 Sport 4 door, I had the idea that I would do a lot mods from day 1, and that’s what I did, 315 2.5 lift etc.. , suddenly I kinda regret in one thing really missing which was a big issue to me... the back camera system, I’ve googled anything about and I was surprised I couldn’t...
  18. Cost to Replace Jeep JL Backup Camera?

    I have a JL 2020 Sport without rear camera(which I totally regret) , I bought the camera (68452959AB) and couldnt find any harness or cables related to it on MoparOneonline to connect it from the camera to the car screen , are they by other name or part number? because the part mentioned( mopar...