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  1. RC 2.5 Spacer on JLUR Diesel, worth it to do some longer LCA?

    But they are zero maintenance, which is a benefit vs. most adjustable arms.
  2. Upgrade to a JT?

    If you spend more time in parking lots than on the road, sure. It’s a trade off.
  3. Upgrade to a JT?

    I wouldn't say that the Wrangler is a better City driver. The Gladiator is much smoother handling on the road.
  4. Upgrade to a JT?

    I’ve owned 18 Jeeps and currently have a Gladiator. It’s a great compromise if you love Wranglers but also need a truck. Isn’t it great that we have options to buy whichever one we want? It’s not quite as good off road as a Wrangler, but it’s a lot better than a Wrangler at hauling and towing...
  5. OBDLink Mx+ abs fail.

    Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that...
  6. OBDLink Mx+ abs fail.

    What is the elm327 test. I have a JScan, but have no clue what that is...
  7. Removing the automatic braking system pump will void warranty?

    I think it’s just troll stuff to get us going...
  8. How to manually control the FAD

    Here’s what I got back from them: Our 1030705 kit has been tested on the Dodge pick up line only as that is out target market. You could talked to your Dodge dealer and see if they share the same systems, but at this time I am not aware of BD testing product for the Jeep Gladiators. I will...
  9. JT Mojave’s front skid plate on a JL?

    That Mojave skid is the same as the skid on the front of a Rubicon JT with the plastic bumper, only painted silver. I thought the JL Rubicon skid with plastic bumper was the same, no?
  10. How to manually control the FAD

    Thanks. I just emailed them to see if they might be compatible.
  11. How to manually control the FAD

    It’s got a spring which holds the fork in the open position when not engaged. It uses an electromagnetic field when engaged to override the spring and lock the collar. There’s a FAD wiring harness on eBay for $36 if someone wants to try that. I’m tempted, but I don’t have a Tazer...
  12. How to manually control the FAD

    Anyone out there done this? If so, how do you like it?
  13. How to manually control the FAD

    I’m bringing this back up. Has anyone seen a 2wd option for the JL? One option I just thought about was plugging a 2nd uninstalled FAD (with fork cut off) to the original wiring harness, and wiring an auxiliary switch to the original FAD on the axle. This would allow the 2nd uninstalled FAD to...
  14. Anyone using Bogger tires for their daily driver?

    That’s marketing. They SUCK! Any modern radial AT or standard mud tire from Nitto, BFG, etc. will be better.
  15. Removing the automatic braking system pump will void warranty?

    You’re ditching which stock axles to get an aftermarket axle with a clutch-style LSD? Why would you do that? What do you have in your Jeep now? There are a lot of unanswered questions...
  16. Removing the automatic braking system pump will void warranty?

    If you haven’t owned one, what is the basis for your opinions? What was the age of any light duty vehicles you have tested or driven with ABS? What were the conditions? Your statements seem contrary to logic. Additionally, I’m curious as to what you will be mounting under the hood in the space...
  17. Leak or Condensation

    Run your defrost for a while. That uses the AC, which will dry the air.
  18. Need some education on offset and backspacing...I'm so confused....

    Positive offset moves the wheel inside the fender well from 0. A wheel with negative offset moves it outboard from 0. The post above is correct about factory offset being +44. If you want the tire inside the fenders, look for something around +25.