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  1. Kentucky 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon

    For Sale in the Lexington, Kentucky area Asking $42k Note: Received unsolicited trade-in offer from dealership for $38,460 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 2 door 2.0l 4 cyl turbo 8 speed automatic 4.10 Gear Ratio Electric Infotainment Sys Group w navigation and Wifi Remote Start/keyless entry...
  2. JL Bikini Top Availability?

    Good question...I wanted to, but need a wrap around windjammer to go with it, and have still seen nothing out of Bestop on this product. Sorry, truly wish I could provide input!
  3. Door lock illuminated

    Door wiring harnesses are very fragile...lost a pin in my passenger door second time I put the doors back on, lost vertical control of my mirrors. Not worth a trip to the dealer on its own, but will be mentioned if I have to go for other purposes.
  4. 2 Door Rubicon tire pressure, Whats your sweet spot?

    2018 2-door Rubicon 2.0 with 37 x 13.5 load rating E Firestone Destination MT2's--Low 30's cold is where I am keeping them, although as the cold came on this winter, pressure dropped into the high 20's, and the Jeep handled perhaps better there...but with the low tire warning being an issue (I...
  5. Stock Willys tires or K02s on new Willys?

    I have the Wrangler Kevlar AT's on my Canyon, and 37" Firestone Destination M/T2's on my Rubicon. The Goodyear AT's do indeed do well in rain and snow. I daily drive my Rubicon, and I don't find the M/T2's to be an uncomfortable ride at all, especially running them in the lower 30's psi. They...
  6. Would you prefer a key ignition?
  7. Would you prefer a key ignition?

    I use a key fob holster which stays at my hip on my belt. I am not even conscious anymore of pressing the unlock button as I approach the vehicle or pressing the lock button as I walk away from proximity locks would be of no additional value to me. I highly prefer the push button start...
  8. Does this windshield fix by dealer look acceptable?

    much appreciated! I have had much better service out of Mann in Richmond...worth the trip
  9. Does this windshield fix by dealer look acceptable?

    Which dealership? The rest of us in KY would like to avoid...thanks!
  10. New Jersey For Sale or Trade LED Smoked Tail Lights

    Asking over retail? Looks like $166 with free shipping w Prime on Amazon. Am I missing something?
  11. Louisville folks?

    Danville and Louisville areas here.
  12. Sting gray or black?

    I have black, like the OP everything black, but Sting Grey is a striking color on a Jeep. Nice Ride!
  13. Preventing Spare Tire Theft

    Relocated my spare to top of cargo area security enclosure with truck bed spare tire mount. Uses a bicycle style lock through D rings.
  14. New JL is a POS

    two doors, no problems
  15. Soft top is a pain in the a$#

    Soft top for me is my winter top. First signs of spring found it off and packed away. I do have a trail top that I put on for rain (about 2 minutes to put on), and I carry a towel and change of clothes for unforeseen rain storms in transit. That being said, by Rubi isn't my DD, so if its...
  16. How are your 2019 JL's running?

    My 2018 has been a great vehicle with no significant issues. There are a bunch just like me, too.
  17. When Do You Know That Welds Are a Problem?

    Some of those didn't penetrate, the cracked welds are definitely a problem, and porosity in the one you show definitely impacts the strength of the weld. I think your eye is good and your instinct is right on, there are issues down there. I've run structural weld businesses for over 30 years...
  18. Is this normal?

    I just used the configuration tool for the base vehicle. I specified some additional accessories via notes. I used email to distribute, after calling and getting the sales manager's name/email at each dealership.
  19. Is this normal?

    Unfortunately, I cannot see your Google drive document without permissions, but that is okay. I suggest letting your husband negotiate, since he is not emotionally attached to the deal. My ex-wife and I did it this way back when I was married, and it worked great. She drove some unbelievable...
  20. Early Morning Concerns

    I run 37 x 13.5's, and I experience the flatness issue after the tire sits for the night, or on the occasions I drive it to work, after it has rested stationary for 8-10 hours. I put it in gear, and it doesn't even roll at first...have to goose it to get it going. A bit of a humping motion for...