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  1. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Been lurking around here for a long time, glad to finally be able to post a picture of my own!
  2. Sahara The Luxury Model?....Almost

    Completely agree with this. One note though is some of those features mentioned were attempted but ultimately unsuccessful from what I've read. Mainly the front sensors and windshield wiper sensors. The explanation was that they couldn't have those and a fold down windshield. Which when you...
  3. JL Factory Orders

    I PMd it to you.
  4. JL Factory Orders

    Yeah I spoke with Neil Carpenter, I went about it as mentioned by Marty B. in this thread:
  5. JL Factory Orders

    I ordered mine from Demontrond. Couldn’t find anyone in DFW to go under invoice after calling and emailing every dealer in the area. Reached out to Neil at Demontrond mentioning the numbers people were receiving here on the forum and within 2 minutes he emailed me back with an offer for 6% under...
  6. Leather shortage holdup?

    I was told that too but my dealer didn’t seem too worried about it. I ordered wednesday in Houston FYI. This is what my guy said: “We ordered it this evening….black leather shows to be on restriction right now but should pick up order Monday our next allocation.” It ended up getting picked up...
  7. Premium cloth or leather

    I'm debating this too, I live in Texas where it obviously gets rather hot. I've always had black leather in my cars and trucks but have never had a vehicle where I can take the top off so that direct sun on the seats has me worried. I definitely prefer the look of the leather especially the...
  8. RubiIII

    Looks great! Can't tell is it black or granite?
  9. Hella Yella from Chicago Auto Show

    Oh my mistake, that's what y'all were talking about. I was looking too hard and thought the Nacho was the one in the far background of the top picture. Stupid colorblindness, this is why I buy black cars hahah.
  10. Hella Yella from Chicago Auto Show

    Are the two hella yella jeeps the same but moved spots or two different jeeps? The reason I ask is I remember a lot of talk on the wheel color and they look like two different wheels from the top picture to the bottom picture.
  11. Hello From JeepCares

    Thanks Jasmine, haven't actually ordered yet, but will be soon!
  12. Hello From JeepCares

    This is awesome, glad y’all have joined! As another poster mentioned would love some insight on the hard top wind noise!
  13. 2.0L Turbo Engine Ordering NOW Open, $1000 MSRP Upcharge

    Excited as this is what I’ve been waiting for, was worried it was going to be even later in the year. May wait a bit longer to see the EPA numbers to see if it’s truly worth it.
  14. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    In every car I’ve had with the proximity sensor, you have to be pretty much in it to start it but once it’s started you can drive. I know at some point it will shut off but not sure when. I once went down a couple of blocks to pick up dinner. I had dropped my gf off and gave her the keys to get...
  15. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    On the rear view camera, does it have lines to show your distance from objects like on some cars and if so do they turn when you turn the Jeep?
  16. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Just to build on this, it may be offered in the future as Apple does have support for CarPlay wirelessly but currently only the BMW 5 Series supports it.