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  1. Looking for Good Adjustable Shocks

    I love, love my falcon 3.3 adjustables. Each of the three main settings are unique and noticeable. Im sure there are better shocks out there but I think they are good value.
  2. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    I wonder if this might be something Tazer can do. I imagine a feature when activated requiring a combination of button presses to start the vehicle.
  3. Removing the automatic braking system pump will void warranty?

    I'm just wondering if your're locking up the brakes so much where ABS is a issue maybe something else is going on. Do you follow too close? Drive faster than safe? Maybe just live in village of drunk people?
  4. Locking fuel doors and hood latches?

    For me I added that stuff later. I got the Bolt hood latch that I only use if I park somewhere foreign to protect my battery. I leave it unlocked most of the time just in case I need to get under the hood real quick in a emergency. I went with a locking fuel cap and just recently switched back...
  5. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    I turn it off if I'm wheeling in the snow and want predictable response when I hit the gas. I've gotten stuck before with it on because it wouldn't let me create enough momentum. On the road i just leave it on.
  6. JL Welding Best Practices

    It was started with a in depth discussion about the auto start/stop system. Not sure where it is.
  7. Upset with dealership oil change

    Not saying BS, but I'd need to see the fine print for that to believe it.
  8. Light Scuff & Scratches in Polished Aluminum Rims

    My advice would be to take them off-road through a few tricky rock obstacles. Those blemishes will not be noticeable anymore.
  9. Upset with dealership oil change

    Eh. I see your point but with proper record keeping its non-issue. Photos of the odometer which has a date stamp, receipt for oil+filter purchase all stored digitally in a folder for the future. I go as far as oil analysis every couple of changes for the jeep and trucks and each one for with...
  10. JL Welding Best Practices

    Good topic. I followed the instructions from a large thread on here disconnecting the negative lugs from both batteries (presumably) and still had power in the cab. I have yet to find a solution.
  11. To Kill 12v Power to the JL/JLU

    On my 19 JLU; I disconnected per the OP and I still have power to the dash and radio.
  12. JLU Rubicon, TeraFlex Rear Track Bar Bracket

    Greetings group. My JLU was involved in a rear/side collision that resulted in the factory rear track bar to be bent. There were and still is alignment issues as the repair facility does the work to get it back in spec. I have the vehicle now while they wait on a new rear axle. Its drivable...
  13. Convenience + Security, 2019 JEEP JLU

    Greetings group. I just renewed my package after getting a 50% off offer. I am not seeing several features that interested me and I don't recall ever seeing them in the APP (IOS) when I had the service before for a year. Speed Alert Geo-Fence Alert Curfew Alert Valet Alert I called...
  14. Mixing new and old tires.

    I have Open Country R/T's 35", 15k miles, on my JLU. I took some sidewall damage and I am going to be mounting a new tire. What sort of tread depth/diametrical difference is acceptable with out causing any issues with ABS, 4WD, or anything else I am not thinking of ? I have always done a 5 tire...
  15. American adventure lab arb twin compressor mount w remote fitting

    @ attilars I was trying to figure out how to remove all that plastic for a different reason. I coudn't figure it out. Any tips?
  16. Gas cap holder

    I have the mopar locking cap. I leave the key in it which has a small keychain on it. After I put in the nozzle i set the cap with the key still in it between the door and nozzle it stays and cant be forgotten when the nozzle is removed.
  17. Ram Tough Track

    I see Ram came out with a dash system for the JL. Maybe old news. Just saw it on their site looking for something else. Part#: RAM-DT-204-TRACK-A12U Price is right, $42.00. Especially since most folks have a variety of Ram components already.
  18. Portable Air Compressors

    An ARB dual portable in a box would be nice. I have the dual mounted in my JLU using a MORE bracket and really like it. Its out of the way, can breath, stays cool and clean. If I did a portable ARB dual setup I'd have a harness with a plug somewhere, wheel well or wherever so the hood didn't...
  19. Mopar Tailgate Integrated Air compressor

    So damn true. I know not what the OP is asking but I'll take my dual arb. Sure shes expensive but she works hard and fast ; )