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  1. Update: Reveal Coming Nov 17 @ 12PM ET! Production 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler Officially Teased!

    F-that. I'm keeping mine. I'll never get tired of effortlessly cruising at interstate speeds at low rpm up steep grades at high altitude while churning out 25-29 mpg.
  2. 2021 ecodiesel badge

    Looks so much better than the sticker. Of course now having the sticker is going to be rare, lol.
  3. 2021 ecodiesel badge

    I’ve tried putting a flat metal emblem there (75th anniversary badge) and it wouldn’t lay flat across the spot where my Ecodiesel sticker is — metal doesn’t look curved but I think it is.
  4. 2021 ecodiesel badge

    Aren’t these curved a bit to fit the side-rear? Not sure they will work anywhere else.
  5. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    Guessing the uppers will only be available in black and not tan?
  6. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I checked mine and they were all seated firmly. It was one of the last 2020s to roll off the line. Something like this has to be the work of a disgruntled assembly line worker or team of workers. It just screams passive-aggressive, IMO.
  7. EcoDiesel sound level

    I love the sound and sound level of mine. Maybe the person who thought it was loud did a cold-start while parked inside inside a concrete storm drain. I'll tell you what's loud – the Pentastar when it has to downshift two gears and scream at high RMP up a high-altitude mountain pass to stay at...
  8. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Some exec at Jeep got their feelers hurt when people made fun of the fugly view-holes.
  9. Lowered Gladiator

    She's saving that for your ashes, man.
  10. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I have no idea and have no intention of needing one.
  11. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Interesting since with my stock JKs, I always felt like I was fighting to keep them on the interstate when it was windy – it was exhausting on a long trip. With my JLURD, it seems completely unfazed by comparison with a high crosswind. Think I will leave well enough alone unless I start seeing...
  12. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    "Feels like a JK" is good steering? Lord. I had my 2020 scheduled to get this done, but I'm cancelling. So far mine steers way better than any of the stock JKs I've owned.
  13. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    $700? I guess you could drive it onto the dealer lot and stick a screwdriver through the ECU and then pay for a replacement, lol.
  14. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I loved the Pedal Commander I had on my Power Wagon – it was a terrible driving experience without it. It sits between the pedal input cable and the pedal, so it shouldn't be recorded – but – if you're not careful to follow the Pedal Commander instructions to leave your key inside the house far...
  15. LED Light option; worth it?

    The LEDs are a must-have, IMO – might even save you from hitting a deer/cow/moose on the road one day. Even if I were trying to order a stripped down model, I would still add the LEDs. Night and day difference, hah.
  16. Your 3.0L Diesel's MPG's, share with the class.

    First road trip of about 130 miles round trip: 29 mpg (stock Rubicon/stock BFG ATs). Change in elevation of about 3,000' (low 5K' to the mid 8K'). Some 70mph, but mostly 35-45 mph windy mountain roads. Don't know about in your case, but for me, using 4WD (high) at low speeds eats DEF...
  17. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    Ah, cool, I didn't know that. I guess base model buyers could always add manual disconnect afterward if they really want it.
  18. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    Many dealers are agreeing to the X Plan Pricing provided Ford allows it on the Bronco. Others are at least agreeing not to exceed MSRP even on the limited-run First Edition. But that wasn’t my point — my point was that it looks like Ford is going to let you order a base model with nothing but...
  19. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    All the Broncos that will be made for quite a while will be reservation-based, and you will order it exactly how you want it. It will be at least a year or so after production starts before they show up on the lot as available units. Right now Ford is “listening” to requests for the Sasquatch...
  20. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    My accelerator response changed dramatically at 500 miles. It simply screams now getting onto the highway with much less pedal input. Be very careful adding anything to the diesel: in the supplemental diesel manual it talks about how the computer records literally everything added, changed, etc...