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  1. setting larger tire size

    Wondering if you ever sorted this problem out? Having the exact same issue here.
  2. To Kill 12v Power to the JL/JLU

    Have had no problems since my post above in April. After reconnecting everything we had to cycle though a couple startups before everything worked again.
  3. Rubicon 2 door Drive line vibration

    There is another thread on the forum with more activity discussing the same issue: You might find someone there that has tried an aftermarket shaft.
  4. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    I would either take it to another dealer or put your stock intake back on and show them that's not it. Let us know how this turns out for you. Still living with mine and waiting for it to get worse. Dealer took it for a drive and said they couldn't hear or feel it. I personally feel it's the...
  5. Not a “build” but . . .

    Thinking of heading in the same direction with new XD Recon rims, were you able to use the standard size lugs with these or are the small star style lugs required? How are the Yokohama's holding up for you and how would you rate the noise level on the highway?
  6. Dynatrac 2" lift on a Rubicon - Wheel choices

    Good find, those look great. Checked on Summit's site and it appears that they are made in minus offsets. There is one with a 0 offset but that won't work to keep them tucked under...
  7. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Yes, 3.6 w/ 8spd auto, Rubicon so 4.10's. Stock tires. Some have reported that a tire change fixed the problem but along the same lines, it likely is being masked by the change in differential speed.
  8. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Yes, thanks. Just thought through it again and of course the diff would be spinning at the same speed in any gear. Dropped mine off at the dealer this morning, we will see what they come up with.
  9. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Now after some time has passed, are you still fixed? Was yours doing this in both 7th and 8th gears at the same 63 to 70 mph? Mine does, which doesn't make sense since I believe the diff should be spinning at different speeds when in 7th and 8th.
  10. Dynatrac 2" lift on a Rubicon - Wheel choices

    Found it there. Funny it's not on Fuels website, you might want to call them and double check. Looks good and same specs as the AEV rims so should work. May need to adjust steering stops but probably not. I noticed that the hub bore on these was 72.6, they should be hubcentric ring compatible...
  11. Dynatrac 2" lift on a Rubicon - Wheel choices

    Nice looking rim, but couldn't find that size on the Fuel website.
  12. To Kill 12v Power to the JL/JLU

    JLUR here, some info that might be useful to someone - Decided to do some welding around the bumper area today. Disconnected the 3 grounds from the inner fender as in diagram from first page. Still had power to dash. Then disconnected both negative cables to battery, checked and no power. After...
  13. Smittybilt Extended Shade Top

    Yea I read that Amazon review also. In a previous thread about this Ran4 said: I'm also able to reinstall the hardtop over this shade top. In order to install the freedom panels, the front skylight must remain open, but the rear section can stay closed, and becomes a headliner when the hardtop...
  14. Dynatrac 2" lift on a Rubicon - Wheel choices

    Thanks, tires are tucked nicely. Yes, I've decided on 35's. Lots of time to think it over these days. I prefer the old school look myself, because I am old. But more of the slotted look. Prefer polished aluminum over black but none available. There sure is a wide open market out there for JL...
  15. Smittybilt Extended Shade Top

    Looks like a great option. Has anyone tried this with a soft top? Question is, can it be left in place with both a hard top and a soft top? The Smittybilt site only mentions with a hard top.
  16. Dynatrac 2" lift on a Rubicon - Wheel choices

    Nope, still looking at rims. Difficult to find a 17x8.5 with a +18 or +25. Nearly impossible if also looking for the 71.5 hub bore. Hub centric rings could be used though. AEV has the sizes, but don't really care for the styling. Same with Mopar. Many hours into this already, I have learned that...
  17. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Had replaced my plastic front bumper with a 3/4 wide aluminum one when still new. Don't remember any vibration before that but it may of been there. Removing the plastic liners and re-installing is a PIA, plastic rivets need to be drilled out or cut and replaced with new. Going to try some...
  18. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    2018 JLUR with the same rhythmic thrumming noise and vibration since new. Replaced the stock front bumper and installed a winch within the first 6 months, there was no change to the vibration level. Just installed a lower skid plate attached to the bottom of the front bumper and back to the two...
  19. Rubicon 2 door Drive line vibration

    Any fixes to report yet? 2018 JLUR automatic with this exact same vibration issue since new.
  20. Dynatrac 2" lift on a Rubicon - Wheel choices

    Thanks, and great info on the Mopar wheels. Sounds like a +18 might work well also. Trying to go a bit wider on the rim size though for better tread contact, 8.5 or 9. But, yours is a very good solution. Did you add the 1/2" spacers with the lift or were they added later?