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  1. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    I have searched. Multiple answers . I want to do my own oil changes. I have a 2019 JLU 2.0 turbo. Which oil should I use and what oil weight? TIA!!!!
  2. What maintenance are you putting into your leased Jeep

    Besides the basic's are you putting any other effort in?
  3. Wave at Gladiators?

    Nothing to do with the other Jeep brand models. Do you only wave at 2 or 4 door models. The Gladiator falls in the same category its a four door with a pickup. :)
  4. Wave at Gladiators?

    It's still a Jeep!!! Yes wave.. Do two doors not wave at 4 doors?
  5. 2021 Forward Collision Warning System not working

    I have a 2019 JLU. From day one I found the FCW very spotty. You can search some threads on this. Mine only seems to go off if you are approaching another car that is stopped and you are approaching it at a faster speed. Egg. A car in front of you is turning and you are approaching quickly but...
  6. Dash instrument cluster failure after two days

    They replaced my PCM no issues since. Just takes time for the part.
  7. Credit Card fell into between seat abyss

    Unscrew the panel in the back area. Two panels on each side by the air come off . Lift it up you should be able to get the card.
  8. JL Rear Window defroster

    I have had mine to the dealer twice for this. Both times they said this is " normal " oxidation. They checked every Wrangler in the shop and they were all the same way. Mine does operate fine just an eye sore.
  9. What is this on a 2019 JLU?

    Emergency shift release .
  10. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    Love mine!!!!! Ease of use is the best and dont need to store or fuss with anything.
  11. Drive Carwash

    Had my Jeep for 1.5 years now. Finally broke down and went through twice this summer mainly to test it. To my surprise not one leak. Do recommend taking off the antenna prior as the first time I went through I thought it was going to be a goner.
  12. Sky One Touch purchase?

    I have a 2019JLUR for about a year and a half with 19k on it. I live in the North East and have this top. Best decision I have ever made. It has been snowed , rained on , ice and hail. No issues to date. ( Knock on wood). The top is made from a premium material. The convenience is great...
  13. New here want to say hi

    Welcome!!! You come to the right place.
  14. Warranty Repairs

    18,500 miles . PCM and center console latch. ( And stabilizer recall )
  15. Rough idle at startup on new 2.0 Turbo

    Welcome. Switch gas . Worth a try.
  16. Top damaged and Defrost lines damaged?

    Defroster looks like the rest of ours (Mine works fine). Took mine to two dealers over it. Every Jeep in the shop looked the same. They said it was just oxidation.
  17. Arrived! 2020 Sahara

    Check your fuses and tire pressure. Congrats!!
  18. Floor Mats

    May have been posted could not find. Cleaning my floor mats today and found this ....
  19. How well do the safety packages work?

    Does not work great at all. Many false positives.