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  1. Death Valley 10/23

    O love the Saline Valley area and of course the Racetrack etc but we'e never tried to connecting route as we travel alone and as you guys know, Death Valley is not a part of the world to be stranded in. Good to read in this thread that a stock Rubicon should be able to handle it just fine...
  2. Advice sought for wheel backspacing with my tire choice

    Much thanks blnewt and ChattVol very useful information, between you you've given me plenty to research and learn from.
  3. Advice sought for wheel backspacing with my tire choice

    Thanks for this @blnewt . I'm still getting my head around the whole backspace thing. -so if I understand you properly I should be aiming for (hub-centric?) wheels that are +10-25 which would have the tires sticking out slightly and only minimally closer on the inside? Options seem much more...
  4. Advice sought for wheel backspacing with my tire choice

    I have a 2018 JLU Rubicon that I plan to tweak a little for the kind of driving that we do. We don’t do the serious rock crawling thing, instead using it to explore the southern California deserts and beyond. Based on experience driving it over the last couple of years over varied terrain I’m...
  5. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    We're all ignorant about something or other so no worries there. You don't say whch Jeep you have and I can't see it listed in your profile, but you should check out the Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit, it's 2" but should be perfectly suited for your needs. It's the one I'm getting (I have a...
  6. Storage Under Rear Seats?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread about bags that fit under the rear seats but that would have been a year or two ago and I can't find it with a search. Anyway, seeing if anyone has found bags or whatever that will fit under the rear seats. Need the extra storage for bits and pieces like my...
  7. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Thanks! - I went with a bunch of MTM Ammo Cases, which are proving to be very useful. Have fun out there!
  8. Best Trail Bottle Jack - Rubicon JL

    Appreciated - yours will be a really good assessment to have.
  9. Best Trail Bottle Jack - Rubicon JL

    My original post does not say that I don’t want the best option so you’ve misquoting. Best = most suitable to my needs. Most expensive does not always equate “best”.
  10. Best Trail Bottle Jack - Rubicon JL

    Thanks guys, I’m aware of the all-in-one but thought it was a tad heaven fir easy use. Will investigate further. See OP @DougM55, thanks though.
  11. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    I'll add another strong endorsement of the @Dominion OffRoad roll bar mount. A breeze to install, solid construction and a firm grip of the Hi-Lift. No rattling when you use the Hi-Lift handle keeper. No need to pose with your Hi-Lift on the outside of the Jeep, this is a much better option.
  12. Best Trail Bottle Jack - Rubicon JL

    Hi guys, Can you recommend a basic bottle jack to cary along for a Rubicon JL on the trails. Currently on stock 33's but will move to 35's eventually. Just need something that has the reach and is reliable. I've looked up online reviews but prefer to hear from people with real experience. -...
  13. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Hey @Pbjeep, who makes those black plastic storage containers in your pic? I'm looking for something like that. Thanks.
  14. Failing to change to 4Low / Check Transmission warning

    I've always had a hard time moving from 4H to 4L, often having to attempt it a few times before it kicks in (following the correct procedure as per manual). A few days ago when I tried it wouldn't change at all and I got the dreaded "check transmission" warning light. This has happened once...
  15. 67 Designs RAIL now available for the JL

    Installed my 67 Designs Rail System and I'm very impressed by the quality and by the nice tight fit. I had a minor issue with my order and 67 Designs fixed it immediately. so big thumbs up for the product AND the service. Highly recommended.
  16. How to remove cowl in front of windshield?

    Ah, thanks @Bingy, from poking around from the side I suspected I might have to do that and I have pry tools. Sounds like some have a hard time removing the wipers though. Oh well... I'll get there :)
  17. How to remove cowl in front of windshield?

    I want to remove or lift the cowl that's between the hod and windshield so that I can feed cable through for cube lights I'm mounting. I want to secure the cable away from moving wiper parts so getting access is necessary rather than just pushing the cable through. I can't for the life of me...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I hear you! Good to see another Rubicon getting used as it should. - such scratches will trigger fond memories for years to come.
  19. Running wires from back bumper to Auxiliary switches

    Hey guys, since this thread has been very helpful so far and I'm placing an order for a few parts I need, I was hoping that someone could suggest the best cable to run and also advise on how best to protect cable running through the engine bay (I'll also be attaching cube lights to my A pillar...