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  1. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    Well they recommend recharging every 6 months, but due to weather I have to do it every 3 months and they said where you have wide temp swings this is a common thing. No I haven’t been in other Wrangler besides the stock stuff so it’s hard for me to gauge that’s why I was hoping to get opinions...
  2. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    I was under the same impression but a local shop is recommending falcons.
  3. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    I have RK shocks right now. I like them but charging is a pain. The closest place to recharge is 1 hour away. I know I can buy the kit but I am not equipped to do it myself.
  4. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    I am not an off-roader at all. It seems like fox overall provide a stiffer ride, am I understanding this correctly?
  5. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    Looking for opinions on which ones will give you the best ride Fox 2.0 or Falcon 2.1 SP2 shocks with RK X-Factor Flex Kit. I am currently running RRD 2.25 and I love the ride as I am 100% on road but recharging the shock is a pain as I have to take it to 4x4 shop to do that. Which one would...
  6. Screen stuck on backup camera

    @CurryLB did you ever solve this? I have the same issue. It started right after installing a lift kit.
  7. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    Hold on that is the axle side. Frame side is fine, it slides right in.
  8. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    Roky, mine won’t go into the bracket with the bushing. Thinking I might have to grind it a little bit.
  9. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    how are you guys getting the RK track bar to fit. For me the axle doesn’t fit no matter what. Seems like i might to Gris the bracket a little but to get it to fit. Any thing you guys can suggest?
  10. Rock Krawler Flex kit and Rubbing

    Just talked to RK and they said that the rubbing is only on full lock. He said it’s going to happen for sure but it won’t be terrible. They suggested that I just try it
  11. Rock Krawler Flex kit and Rubbing

    Thanks!. I have 4.5" now and don't mind it. So I'll just to get Amazon to replace the wheels with 4.5 version.
  12. Rock Krawler Flex kit and Rubbing

    Would the front and rear both rub? Could I do the trick of adjusting the steering stop that is suggested in another thread.
  13. Rock Krawler Flex kit and Rubbing

    I am about to start installing a RK Flex 2.5" kit on my Sahara. The wheels I ordered are the Rocktrix RT105 with 5.5" backspacing. Question is how much rubbing will I have, do I need to switch out the wheels to 4.5". I was thinking of having a less poke and thats why I ordered 5.5.
  14. Rusty’s 2” Lift

    @Rubi VT How is the on road ride, specially around town where the roads are normally not that clean. My number complain comes from Wife and Kids they describe it being in an old shitty bus.
  15. Florida ISO fox 2.0 front shocks - 2020 2.0

    I have just the front shocks brand new still in box for sale. $200 + shipping. Let me know if you interested
  16. Rusty’s 2” Lift

    Thanks! I have seen that, wanted specific feedback on 2” lift.
  17. Rusty’s 2” Lift

    Seriously, no one running Rusty's lift on this forum?
  18. Rusty’s 2” Lift

    Anyone running Rusty’s 2” performance lift. I see most people here run RK or MC but seems on the Facebook groups some people run Rustys and are happy with. I wanna see if anyone runs here and their feedback.
  19. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    So if I want to put the JT shock on my Sahara, would I need to replace the springs aswell?