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  1. Rugged Ridge Venator Front Bumper

    Nice ... How does that work with the front parking sensors from the plastic UK standard bumper ?
  2. EURO-spec Rubicons owners - share your wheels/tires mods please

    Great looking set-up ! How did you manage to mount the lights and still keep the original (plastic) bumper ? I would be really interested to know how this can be done.
  3. Door Alignment Pins

    Thanks, I'll send you my details via private message
  4. Five40usa Hardtop Removal Handles

    I was genuinely amazed how strong the suction was. Here’s a link :
  5. Door Alignment Pins

    I'm interested, please send me a message with the details
  6. Five40usa Hardtop Removal Handles

    Garages here in the UK are typically too small for any sort of overhead hoist system. So it’s a case of just lifting and manoeuvring manually and I struggled removing my hardtop earlier this year for the summer. Managed to get the soft top down and doors off during the summer a few times but the...
  7. No sound from speakers

    Great forum ! AM switch worked for me as well. Thanks to all posting here, such a fantastic source of information.
  8. Torx toolkit ?

    Thanks all, got myself a suitable set from ScrewFix
  9. Torx toolkit ?

    You are right, but there are a lot of options out there. From the on-line reviews, it appears that some tools have the breaking strain of a chocolate bar. I was just trying to get some local opinion without using a lot of shoe leather walking round the shops. And with Covid, it's a real pain -...
  10. Torx toolkit ?

    Can anybody recommend a decent toolkit of Torx sockets ? (prefer a UK shop rather than internet order - e.g. Halfords, ToolStation, ScrewFix, etc) I've got plenty of normal sockets and spanners, wrenches, etc. But none of my previous vehicles have needed Torx fitting tools.
  11. Closeout panels

    Thanks for that feedback. It's reassuring to know that the electrics are able to withstand a battering. I presume that the waterproof-ness (is there such a word ?) of the parking sensors is also OK as they are behind the same panel ? In any case, it's now almost certain that I'll remove them...
  12. Closeout panels

    As mentioned in many forums posts, the EU-spec closeout panels are GROSS ! I see that lots of people have trimmed them down with a dremmel or craft knife to a much better appearance. Unfortunately I am not in a position to cut the panels so I was wondering if they could be replaced with the...
  13. Hello JL Forum !

    Hi all Just got my first Jeep after many years of BMW. Loving it so far. Soft-top is on, all I need now is some sunshine ...