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  1. AFE SCORCHER GT Performance Package Air Intake

    Just want to add that I'm pretty disappointed with AFE products Luckily I did not purchase the SCORCHER GT performance package But yes I bought the Pro Series Front & Rear Differential Covers - Machined Fins w/ Gear Oil Which is considered one of the most expensive on the market After a month of...
  2. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Shalom 🙏 I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying our small and special country And if by chance you come again contact me and I will take you on Interesting offroad trips
  3. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Hi Thanks from here
  4. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Just put it here.
  5. Synergy Jeep JL / JLU / JT Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace

    Regarding the TRACK BAR Amazing I had the EVO TRACK BAR And I had to change the bushings 3 times a year The sector shaft brace does the job very well
  6. Automatics cuts out on inclines

    I tried that too it does not help
  7. Automatics cuts out on inclines

    HI 6.2018 It happens between 25 - 35 degrees
  8. Leakage controls solenoid timing

    Thanks You're right after searching I found the post
  9. Leakage controls solenoid timing

    Hi Have you experienced a leakage phenomenon from Variable Valve Timing Solenoid Control What do you think should be done?
  10. PSC Please have your professional opinion

    hey, Need your professional opinion Will this kit do the job or go straight for the perfect kit? PK1880 - Power Steering Pump Conversion Kit for Jeep JL 3.6L
  11. Automatics cuts out on inclines

    The phenomenon can be seen in the video
  12. Automatics cuts out on inclines

    HEY I know it's been a long time since you uploaded this post Can you update what you did about it Has Jeep released an update on the subject? For me, the engine shuts off while climbing, even when I am in manual mode Thanks
  13. Disconnect gas when climbing

    Thanks appreciate it a lot I'll try to make a video to illustrate the problem
  14. Disconnect gas when climbing

    Hi Could you please send me links to learn from?
  15. Disconnect gas when climbing

    Hi Does the engine shut down? : sometimes Do RPM drop? : yes Hard climb I put on manual gear 1 The fuel tank is half full
  16. Disconnect gas when climbing

    Hello When I try to climb a sharp angle Suddenly I feel there is some disconnect and the vehicle stops moving forward Description LOW gear,Locking forward and back,Disconnects TC Ascending with the 2 front wheels on the rock The 2 rear wheels are on the ground Creates a slight...
  17. AFE SCORCHER GT Performance Package Air Intake

    Hello Does anyone have experience with the products Let's leave the financial issue for a moment Does the product do the job better than the stock?
  18. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    My JL_2018 (HULK)took me and taught me how to climb ...
  19. American Adventure Lab fender light kit

    Thanks Today I returned by email and apologized for the rush They send me RGB light for replacement Must point out that there is someone to trust
  20. American Adventure Lab fender light kit

    You are lucky They don't answer emails at all