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  1. Pay for warranty work??

    This exactly. Presumption of "abuse" does not automatically get assigned to the client. Dealership should be tearing it down and if they find something "abusive" then it can be addressed at that point. Everyone should be assuming warranty work at the onset. BTW, that dealers website...
  2. Ball joints came out! Is this an isolated case or a problem?

    The axle HAS to be bent in order to support the dealers claim that the wheel fell off from extreme use and not from them Fing with it. ;)
  3. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    Thanks so much for the reply. Hopefully you’ll be able to offer options. The non soft top people would prolly like it to fit closer to the roof as well. All the external frame racks ive seen have an extra few inches in them to accomodate the soft top bow. I cant help but imagine those...
  4. LOD destroyer sliders

    would anybody mind driving their new destroyer sliders down a wet road so I can see how much spray protection these provide? :)
  5. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    the mounting point is interesting. Have you considered making the sliding feature an option? I (hard top only) would prefer less pieces/weight/complexity. Perhaps with an opening so I can sneak the freedom panels out?
  6. Ball joints came out! Is this an isolated case or a problem?

    Not a mechanic, but It awfully curious how all that fuckery with the lift just so happened to be the same wheel.
  7. Rear tire cargo rack

    Want. A moderately sized rack would be perfect for gas cans, muddy crap, cb antenna and reverse lights.
  8. Best Set Up for Pets

    Loved the springtail barrier in my JK. Was bummed it didnt fit (not even close) to my JL. Would buy another
  9. Turns out the JL is heavier and just as thirsty/slow as the JK

    Article is pure bullshit, either intentional or by incompetence. I put 40k miles on a JKU Willys. My JLU Rubi smokes the jk up and down by every measure. idk of course what it weighs or its aero coefficient. But it rides smoother, gets much better mileage, feels faster, is quieter...
  10. GOBI Stealth Rack Arrived and Installed (Pics)

    is there any interference with the Sat radio ? The light bar connection seems more complicated than necessary where it meets the cowl. Could you pls comment on that connection point?
  11. Gobi rack installed

    The two support pieces in the center of the hoop are removed allowing a lightbar. Not sure if it can take a 50"
  12. Gobi rack installed

    Would you mind posting a pic of the front “light bar hoop” and its attachment to the jeep? Also im going to assume all the usual comments about noise and mpg will appy to this gobi same as the jk version. But could you comment on your experience with the sat radio interference if any? Thx
  13. New! 2" SPORT system with the RS9000XL shocks

    What if i dont want a level stance and prefer factory rake? Do you have a 1” rear spacer? Thx
  14. SUP/Surfboard roof rack options???

    . What about someone who wants to open the tailgate to access cargo frequently? Any hitch mounted racks block access to your gear. I had something similar to the hitch rack for my JK. Everything seems like roses until I started using it.
  15. LED Backup Lights?

    I like where this is going !
  16. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    does not appear so...
  17. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Installation guide for that KC rack is telling. The rack connects to the hardtop via rivnuts. Its basically cosmetic rack for mounting lights. There is no support from the vehicle. From a load perspective, its no different than laying someting directly on the hardtop. Yawn.
  18. Rain Noise @ Firewall

    Big NOPE. Was Just driving in the rain. Listening to the tip tip tap. Rain stopped. Roads still wet. The noise stopped. Sticking my head out the window, I can hear a distinctly different noise of water hitting the fenders. The tin sounding tapping is definitely from falling...