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  1. Driver seat flex?

    Anyone have a driver seat back that flexes back on the right (console) side? Half of the seat back feels like it's flexing. You notice it when you lean back in the chair, or under acceleration. The passenger seat doesn't have this flexing going on, it's nice and solid. It almost feels like a...
  2. Driver seat back loose on right side

    First time Jeep owner here with a JLUR, My driver seat back feels loose on the right side. If you lean back into it the left side feels solid and supported, the right side feels like it’s bending... like half of the seat is supported. Any ideas what might be wrong? The passenger seat doesn’t...
  3. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Should I be concerned about my Jeep order? Ordered a Rubicon Diesel with most of the options. Dealer did not require a deposit or purchase agreement. 10/14 Ordered placed 10/19, Received VIN, did not include POC 10/26 Dealer responded to inquiry with Est. Ship date of 11/18 11/10 Build sheet...
  4. 2021 Wrangler Rubicon order delivery timeline?

    My Jeep build sheet just showed up with the Vin search this week, sheet says move from D1 to D1 Forward? Is D1 Forward a good thing? Dealer said the estimated ship date was 10/16... you think I'll see some movement over the next few days?
  5. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    I haven't received my JLURD yet, but I remember reading in the diesel supplement that there was something that would happen after shutoff and there would be some noise, and it was normal. Don't remember exactly what it says or where it was in the manual, does anyone else remember this section?
  6. TL FCA Control #

    Does anyone have a spare TL FCA control number? Trying to put a deal together and the dealer says that TL makes a big difference on what he can do with the pricing. I may end up just having to sign up and wait 30 days but figured I'd ask just in case. Thanks in advance.