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  1. Aftermarket LED Tail Light Issues/Programming Tazer

    DRL is not a thing for tail lights. They won’t be on durning the day time like Headlight DRLs. It’s not the brand or programming.
  2. Morimoto turn signals.

    I am pretty sure rear LED lights or even regular tail lights do not have DRL functions. They would be operating normally.
  3. Cowl Mounts For Baja Design Lights

    Those would likely work. Ran out to Lowe’s. 50mm are long enough. The provided ones are just short. Lowe’s didn’t have black or hex, at least I can finish the install. I’ll have to email them and let them know. They are providing 40mm the same length as OEM. Makes no sense as they include...
  4. Cowl Mounts For Baja Design Lights

    Right but I can’t get mine installed. The provided bolt is the same length as the stock. However, that will not work with the spacer and washers. I’m just staring at it like I must be
  5. Cowl Mounts For Baja Design Lights

    These mounts look a lot like the Rugged Ridge I just picked up. The mounts come with washer, bolt, plastic spacer, washer for the install. But the damn bolts are short or I’m an idiot. I need to give them a call as I cannot find anything online about it. Must be user error...
  6. Rugged Ridge Cowl Light Mounts

    Anyone use these recently. I’m hoping I’m having a “brain fart” on what should be a simple install. There provided bolts with all washers and spacers are short. Bad pic and yes even with the cowl piece attached...
  7. LED DRL install for JLU Sahara 2019

    old post but wondering do we have to drop the entire fender liner to get swap in new DRLs. i have a JLUR with crap halogen lights. i have OEM LED takes offs with the complete wire harness. not sure how far up that wire connects though. much thanks.
  8. Best Places to Live for Wheeling

    SouthWest for sure.
  9. ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Location?

    I copied Headbarcode. Used the Moore Mount. While it’s loud inside it doesn’t take long. My wife and dog have stayed inside with no issue.
  10. baja design squadron options / set up.

    I’ve checked out BD and Rigid and still unsure. I want something for some night time desert trail running. So we got some rocks and dust to deal with. So many options with color and beam type. Just tell me what to get for A Pillar Lights. :)
  11. Installed Quake sequential Turn signals/DRL

    Much thanks. I ordered a bag of rivets but didn’t know I need a “special” tool. Always something.
  12. The Story Behind My Failed Pony Express Overland Trip

    Where’s the new viddy of the 3rd attempt?
  13. Installed Quake sequential Turn signals/DRL

    The push pin/rivets; did you take them all out? Where did you source replacements. Those things seem like a pain.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah I’m 6’3” and it’s a step! I was a bit shocked. Ha ha.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    just got the same lift on the "same" JL. I am running 35s on the Stock rims though. what tires / rims are you running? they look great. i am surprised how much lift i ended up with.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    if we are calling stickers mods then the Jeep is up there. mustangs are likely up there too. no keeps those stock.
  17. Help installing oem led drl turn signals

    jumping in here. can someone tell me IF those darn push pin rivets on the outer edge of the fender need to come out to remove the actual underside plastic flare? 21 JLUR.
  18. Oracle surface mount halos... Warning.

    Wrong. Providing feedback based on experience isn’t tarnishing a brand. If the Halo isn’t legal than the product isn’t as advertised. You can’t just return them either because both the seller and Oracle fall on the “they work as advertised” sword.
  19. Arizona Oracle LED Tail Lights

    In direct bright AZ sun they are not the brightest for sure. The quality and look are great though. It’s just a byproduct of the tinted lens.
  20. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    SOLD As pictured and per the link. These are their blacked out series with resistors so they are plug and play. I bought them new in Dec and ran them for about 30 days. I don’t car for the blacked out...