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  1. Monthly Giveaway!

    who won?
  2. 35" spare tire with stock bumper solutions

    I really like the Skyjacker kit. The support arm it comes with takes a lot of load off the tailgate. I have 37 inch tire, stock plastic bumper, take it offroad frequently and its rock solid. No issues. See below for info...
  3. Illinois Roam side armor steps $125

    Bump. just looking to get them out of my garage. Lowered price to $125
  4. Britney on Netflix

    Again, I wanted to watch their exploits, I get it. They're doing some cool shit. If she would just shut the hell up for one second. My wife actually commented and said "She is so fucking annoying, she won't let him get a word on out. And I don't like her teeth." And please don't assume my...
  5. Britney on Netflix

    Oh, I don't, anymore. I watched a few and was overcome with irritation. I really wanted to see their adventures and can appreciate what they're doing. But she won't shut the hell up and he is an idiot. So I stopped. That doesn't change my opinion. If you can stomach listening to her, more...
  6. Britney on Netflix

    He doesn't sound angry at all. He's just stating a fact. If she fell off a bridge, he wouldn't think much about it. A fact. Like its a fact she is one of the most irritating individuals I've ever heard. Don't hate her, she's just insanely irritating. I say that in perfect health.
  7. Skid plates 2 door only

    I don't have a 2 door, but do have the Westin skid plates. I wouldn't say they replace these $1700 belly systems (which for ME, is outrageous) but I've been offroad 4 times with them now and been very satisfied. They're low cost, but work just fine...
  8. Recommend Mileage for Brake Service?

    I replaced my pads at 14000 miles, but only because I wanted to replace the OEM Ceramic with Semi-metallic. Both the rotor and the OEM pad had virtually no wear. The pins were just fine. Perhaps if you're offroad in mud often, I could see checking more often.
  9. JL accessories to avoid at ALL costs (post your warnings here)

    Might try this. On the highway, offroad, anywhere, been rock solid.
  10. Southern Redneck Question

    agreed. I'm in for pics
  11. 37 spare interfering with backup sensors.

    I have issues intermittently. Also Patagonia Milestar 37s, with Skyjacker Relocator kit and plastic rear bumper. I've just gotten used to it.
  12. Inner Fenders? DV8 or Artec?

    What is the deficiency of the OEM plastic liners that would lead one to get metal ones? Or is this just mainly for aesthetic purposes?
  13. JL Assembly - kinda cool

    This is certainly the factory Cyberdyne will choose to build the T1000 after the war. Very impressive to watch.
  14. Best practices for cleaning after offroading

    Very interesting. I'm on Amazon now, will buy some of this Fluid Film and give it a shot. Says it smells though, any truth to that? I've also been religious about greasing the shit out of all the jonny joints on my suspension, before and after. Using Lucas Xtra Heavy Duty grease, I've using...
  15. Best practices for cleaning after offroading

    I've been taking my JL offroad with increasing frequency and only see that going up even further in the future. I couldn't honestly care less about it looking clean, detailed and pretty, but am concerned about keeping as much grit out of the moving parts and suspension as possible. Currently...
  16. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    IL is an absolute piece of shit state, I hate being here. Despite its best efforts, I have my CCW, don't carry everyday, depends on where I'm going. If I go into garbage Chicago, I carry. If IL weren't such idiots about guns in general, I wouldn't have half as many weapons as I own. But they...