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  1. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    ended up finding a soft top, but looking to sell a few items - I'll create a separate post(s), but as of 1/25/21 selling the following: - Qty. 5 - Original Falken Wildpeak M/T's (33") - Replaced w/ new tires at about ~20K miles, still quite a bit of tread life remaining -- will need to get a...
  2. New JL is causing right shoulder back pain help!

    I have had a similar problem as well. Didn't read through the whole thread, so others have probably mentioned something similar, but wanted to share if this can help someone: For reference, I am 6"2 and in my early 30's, so not old, but have relatively severe arthritis/nerve damage due to...
  3. Huge Screen + Digital Dash For JL (Image Attached)

    Dude this is awesome! I would definitely be interested something like this if/when it's available.
  4. Washington WTB: JLU Premium Twill Soft Top [PNW]

    Unfortunately I missed TReed's offer above, so still looking if anyone has one.
  5. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    Still looking if anyone has one!
  6. California New in box: 2019 JLU premium soft top $1600

    Is this still available? I am in the Seattle area, but might be able to schedule a UPS freight pickup through my work or figure out some sort of shipping option. Otherwise, I am planning to go through the Reno/Tahoe area on a road trip - but that likely will not be until August.
  7. Texas Method 306s 17x8.5 and Nitto Ridge Grapplers 315/70r17

    Damn, I would love to buy these, but I am in Seattle.
  8. Washington WTB: JLU Premium Twill Soft Top [PNW]

    Looking to buy a Premium (Twill) Soft Top for the JLU - good condition/no damage, clean, with all necessary parts for installing. I am willing to either pick this up, or cover the costs of shipping. First choice would be to buy with cash, but may be open to several trade options (see below): I...
  9. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    Still waiting on shipping/being able to setup an appointmentfor the new wheels & tires + lift. So I can give you a head's up if anything changes, or if they haven't sold as a pair by then. Kinda bummed cause these wheels look great, but with 37's it's looking like it would require spacers -...
  10. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    Based on what I’ve seen others selling for, I’d do $1,200 OBO for the wheels & tires - definitely would want to sell them together. Are you looking for just the wheels?
  11. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    Looking to buy the Premium Twill Soft Top for the 2018+ JLU. Would rather pay cash, but I have the factory hard top, as well as the original factory wheels/tires, -Rubicon 17" Machined Wheels w/ Falken Wildpeak M/T's (No damage, ~13K Miles) -- so could be willing to consider either/or as part...
  12. Texas Sold

    If you still have this & would consider shipping, I'd take it
  13. Any 2020 JLUR 2.0 reviews yet?

    Just curious - what did you not like about it? Obviously not enough to stop from ordering, but was there any noticeable difference in terms of power in general stop/start driving? I personally liked the 2019's I drove with eTorque, but don't have anything to compare it to.
  14. Leasing a 2020 JLU

    FYI - just attempted to place an order for a Jeep last night in WA. I decided against it because the MF was too high, and payments did not make sense based on my calculations. Money Factor listed was .00256 (6.94% APR). However, they did have a 'special' APR of 4.656 (MF = .00193), which is...
  15. 2.0 Turbo BSG discontinued in Rubicon

    Hey man, it seems like you are pretty knowledgeable about this, so I figured I'd ask: Was planning to order the '19 Rubicon 2.0T w/ eTorque. Now I'm told I can only order a '20, so it won't have it. But am kind of nervous & also curious how it might impact daily city/highway driving, or if it...
  16. Is 6-8% Below Invoice Even Possible for a JLUR?

    That looks great man! I found a local dealer with a great sales guy, and my family has bought from before, but was thinking of doing some further research into dealers in Idaho just to compare. Any suggestions, or dealer recommendations?
  17. Does this lease offer seem real?

    In regards to your question: those lease offers are usually just conversation starters & on base models. So chances are you would be paying more than $200/month, unless you meet all the requirements + are trading something in/large down payment. For example, a Rubicon would be at least...
  18. Sport S custom paint fenders and top

    This is awesome! I realize this post was a while ago, but any idea on how much just the hardtop would be? I am having a hard time justifying paying the extra $1,300+ when ordering new.
  19. HotHead Sound Assassin Strips...What do they do?

    I would also be interested on any findings between the factory headliner and Sound Assassin/HotHeads in terms of noise reduction. They are both around the same cost ($500) for the 4 door, so is it worth it to spend a bit more on the Factory to not have to deal with the installation?
  20. Newbie Jeep owner- need advice on headliners.

    How do these compare with the headliners that can be ordered from the factory? Heat vs. cold won't matter as much for me, but I am more concerned with noise reduction. I don't really want to spend an extra $500 on my order, but the Rubicon I drove with the headliner seemed much quieter than...