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  1. Rough Country with DRL / JL Aux Switches

    Leaves me with 2 red 2 grounds and blue. One red goes to aux 2 wire and the other red goes to aux 4 connected with the blue. Same spot. Then ground both the blacks. Correct. Thanks for your help man.
  2. Rough Country with DRL / JL Aux Switches

    That I understand. But the lights come with a red and black wire (power and ground) and then the switch wires when you take it apart there’s 3 I think for the DRL and power lights and another ground.
  3. Rough Country with DRL / JL Aux Switches

    Silly question for you guys. Bc I’m trying to figure out how to connect the multi function switch to aux switches. I understand it would to cut out the switch that comes with the lights and then have two switches(switch 3 spot) (switch 4 DRL). But now do you connect the power also to one of the...
  4. 2021 Wrangler Rubicon order delivery timeline?

    I ordered mine 9/5 (left deposit) and I’m still waiting on a delivery date. I was told on 10/22 7-12 days but still no word. Anyone know the time frame from when it’s done being built to delivery date.