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  1. 3 oil changes for $99

    Change your oil yourself. Very easy and you’ll know it was done right. Just mho :like:
  2. Car Washes and retractable roofs and Antennas

    I’ve taken my Rubi through touchless car washes several times and have no problems with the stock antenna. Don’t know about retractable roofs.
  3. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    Absolutely!!!! Or save up. I have all three and wouldn’t give up any of them:clap:
  4. New Year, new cabin air filter!

    Great point on the rodent(s). Look for the telltale sign of droppings on top of the filter. We’ve had multiple rodents get into any vehicle we park outside. We had a chipmunk kick the bucket on top of the in cabin air filter- thankfully not in my jeep - in his little nest. Ugly:(
  5. 2 Door Hard Top NVH Question

    I have a 2 door with a hard top and haven’t noticed anything resembling the sound you described. If you went this route - and experienced the booming sound - maybe sound panels could help. Good luck!!!
  6. The clutch gang!

    4 out of our last 5 cars have been manuals. I’m lucky because my wife likes driving a manual - even in a 2017 Crosstrek. My 2 door Rubi just had to be a manual lol
  7. Have u forgotten to turn off ur Jeep while on the Gym?

    This is totally not your fault. In the old days when you used a real key, you couldn’t turn off the car without removing it from the ignition. A push button is all too easy to forget to depress. See it’s FCA’s fault!!!!! 😀
  8. 2021 Jeep Manual Transmission

    I just think we’re darn lucky to have manual transmissions. They are a dying breed. I enjoy driving mine 😀
  9. Giving your baby to the dealer

    Anytime I read anything about oil changes and dealerships on this forum it just reinforces my belief in doing ALL my own maintenance.
  10. All the Jeepness

    All three look very happy 😃
  11. (for those living in snow only): how often do you take your rig to the car wash in the winter?

    I hate road salt with a passion!!!! When we lived in Ohio it literally destroyed the frame on my 01 TJ and I used to go to the car wash on a regular basis - all to no avail. I later found out what happened is I would wash my car then drive home, picking up more road salt along the way. The Jeep...
  12. Almost 8K miles I have not ever had a better experience than the JL

    Ok, I’ve only got 600 miles on my 21 Rubi. Third jeep I’ve owned - among a number of other vehicles over the decades. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Period !!!!!
  13. 2021 Jeep Manual Transmission

    Ordered my 21 Rubi with the Penstar and manual trans. Saved 3k in the process which I applied to other options. Absolutely love the manual and 2 door. IMHO it’s what a jeep should be
  14. (2021) 3.6 manual vs 2.0 (non-e torque) long term

    I know exactly what you’re going through. On my - ordered 21 Rubi- I went with the 3.6 and manual trans. Also a 2 door. FWIW, I couldn’t be happier
  15. Hero's Journey Ad Featuring the Wrangler

    In my house when our kids come home I get my butt off the couch and give them a proper greeting- like a smile and a hug. The dad’s a dweeb :)
  16. Please help to identify what is leaking here

    Looks like oil to me. Since your dealer overfilled the oil by a quart I would initially suspect that. Maybe clean it off and then keep checking. That way you might be able to determine exactly where it’s coming from. I wouldn’t taste it though :)
  17. Check your fuses on new JL deliveries!

    Had my new Rubi for over a month now. Saw this post and finally got around to checking the fuses. A bunch were loose and had to be snapped down. Thanks for the reminder!!!!! :like:
  18. Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier

    There’s mixed feelings on this forum regarding RR. However, Amazon has good reviews on it. Hope that helps. Maybe someone else could chime in :)
  19. Logging maintenance in Mopar/Jeep app

    Hi Chris. Brand new Rubi. A number of posts have recommended the first oil change be done between 500-1,000 miles to remove the metal shavings- from the initial break-in. Granted a lot of debate, but the general consensus is it can’t hurt. :)