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  1. Turbo rattle?

    mine is a 2018 built 8/2018. I don’t know if it’s a safety issue. But, it is a issue in reliability and having it break out of warranty would suck.
  2. Turbo rattle?

    Great news, just picked up my Jeep and the clicking noise is gone. They installed a new turbo. Thanks to help from this forum @Meela @AtlanticOverland for their great insight and help. The video I recorded was the push they needed to replace it. Here is the work order. The Jeep feels...

    bestop fabric full doors They are good doors but they’re not perfect. I got them for the half door look but with the option for rain and wind coverage. Plus the windows can be stored in the jeep on the trail.
  4. Turbo rattle?

    Jason, I used my go pro. I zip tied it to some of the wires as well as a flash light. Drove around to record the sound. I used my cell phones GoPro app to start The recording. The files are usually very large. Just use low resolution, the sound is the most important part. Heck, you could even...
  5. Turbo rattle?

    I too have a turbo on order after I recorded a sound clip near the turbo and changed their mind on their original diagnosis that the clicking was the timing chain.
  6. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    to fit the 40’s with my MC 3.5 lift. First the Rubicon rock rails needed to be trimmed about 3 inches on both sides. This can be done very easily and will look great after it’s done. Next the rear wheel wheel I needed to trim in front and rear of the tire. About 2 inches on both sides. On the...
  7. Utah 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler Oem Led DRL Lights W/Diode Dynamics clear sidemakers

    They will work if you have the max tow package.
  8. Utah 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler Oem Led DRL Lights W/Diode Dynamics clear sidemakers

    Left and Right 2018-2021 OEM Jeep JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator OEM LED Signal, Marker, Park, DRL Light Also includes oem orange side markers, as well as Diode Dynamics clear sidemakers. $120 retail Like new and shows little to no signs of wear as well as no broken tabs. Includes mounting screws...
  9. Looking For Input on Modifications (Concluded)

    37’s are awesome had those for the first 30k. You are going to love your new jeep. Here’s mine with 37’s
  10. Looking For Input on Modifications (Concluded)

    I upgraded the axle shafts front and rear with the Dana chromoly’s and 1350 front ujoints. Also Dana hd ball joints. I have yet to truss the front axle. The front steering is all upgraded Steer Smart. I’m not crazy with it, so far so good.
  11. Looking For Input on Modifications (Concluded)

    jason, There is so much you can do with a JLU. I Run a MC 3.5 game changer lift. Stock D44 with 40’s. I have upgraded the gears and axle shafts. 5.38 to give it more get up and go as I do drive on the freeway. I did need to trim the rear wheel area but just a little. Also separated the fenders...
  12. Turbo rattle?

    Meela, I took your work order in and told them this is the sound. But, they said the waste gate actuator was not the noise. Said the timing chain was it. I’m going to talk to jeep cares to get them to dig into it deeper. The noise is more faint from the drivers seat but I always had too...
  13. Turbo rattle?

    Yep every time you slow down and just coast it will do this.
  14. Turbo rattle?

    Here is a clip under the driver side engine area hear for the clicking @JeepCares
  15. Turbo rattle?

    So true, I already had a timing chain tensioner done but the noise is still there.
  16. Turbo rattle?

    I took my Jeep to the Dealership to have this clicking looked at for the fifth time. Thinking it was the turbo. They said it was the timing chain and it is normal 🤬😡🤬😡. This is a very annoying click noise. So now my $50k jeep sounds like a old rusty bucket. I need some help with this...
  17. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    what was the fix? Do you have your dealership paper work.
  18. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    doing great. I have upgraded the axle shafts with Dana Chromoly and 1350 u-joints. 5,38 gears. Upgraded ball joints as well. to fit 40’s some trimming needed to happen.
  19. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Top of the world, Moab The Rubicon trail, CA