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  1. Oracle Oculus RGB+W Colorshift Headlights - Sport S Install

    Well initially everything worked but after a few days I noticed that the high beam wouldnt work on the drivers side and then intermittently.. While some people are fortunate not having to flash the Computer to LED Lamps. I believe I am one of the unlucky ones. The unit was sent back to Oracle...
  2. Oracle Oculus High beam intermittent of Drivers side only

    yea I just checked with the dealer while they only charge $67.50 + tax they wont do it on anything but OEM. so there is only 1 way to fix this Tazer JL MIni
  3. Oracle Oculus High beam intermittent of Drivers side only

    yes I have halogen and went to the Oculus at first it was working fine then it started to be intermittent with driver side high beams. It didnt make sense that it could be the can-bus system. After discussion with he tech at Oracle the idea came up about flashing the can-bus to LED. He did say...
  4. Oracle Oculus High beam intermittent of Drivers side only

    Thanks while I didnt have flickering I definitely have issues with High beam.. I appreaciate the response
  5. Oracle Oculus High beam intermittent of Drivers side only

    Need some feedback on the issue I am experiencing with brand new Oracle Oculus. lights.. They work for the most part but the driver side is intermittently not engaging into high beam. There is no rhyme or reason. I sent it back to Oracle and they tested and found no issues. After discussing...
  6. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    I found that it gets worse at higher ambient temperatures. In my case it was a hot day when the dealer did a test drive for the TSB and noted the steering wander and pull to the right.. They Ordered the new Steering box per the TSB .. :)
  7. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    SO when running the lights (Parking Lights) or With the headlights they are white and when you activate the turn signal they flash amber. I saw that in the video .. just want to be sure that I wasnt mistaken.. thanks again for the post
  8. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    does it also require a new harness.. I also dont see a control in the Uconnect Lighting options so I guess it would work but not be controlled ? Thanks everyone
  9. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    So on Sport Ulitimate without the LED Group .. I am a done. Sounds like they only come on Willy's , Rubicon and Sahara ?
  10. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    Ok I messed up when I took delivery on my Atlitude. It didnt have the LED group and as such no DRL Is there any way to add these or is not worth effort since the harness and controls are missing Thanks
  11. 2020 Wrangler JL DRL ?

    I just took delivery of my new ride.. I have a basic question. I dont have the LED group and was wondering if the DRL is only available with that package. The manual Page 43 says DRL if so equipped. will have a control below the Headlight control mine does not. When I turn on the parking lights...