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  1. Northern MI (mitten) trails?

    Will be in the Petoskey area later this month....any places to check out up that way?
  2. BW trailer hitch??

    Fastway is another great recommendation. Prior to my B&W I used their equalizer setup for a travel trailer. Please steer far far far away from harbor freight stuff.
  3. BW trailer hitch??

    I'll be buying one of the tow and stow hitches as spring gets closer. Had a B&W 5th wheel hitch for a long time. Ultra-high quality piece.
  4. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    did they discontinue that little 10" light bar?
  5. Noob Question - Calibrating Speedo

    I just had the dealer do it. it was like $140. Dont plan to change tire sizes much again if ever.
  6. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    2.5 MC true dual rate on 35" KO2's. Bad picture, but it has snowed nearly every day since getting it done.
  7. Dead in the water

    I had the dealer reprogram for the new tires while I had it in there. I dont have any real plans to make any changes from here that would require either a taser or the AEV module. probably should just have gone the dealer route from the get go.
  8. My build, My Story

    Returning to some more positive programming after running into a gremlin this week. I wont rehash all that in this thread. A link to that issue is here if reference is needed in the future. The worst part of that ordeal was the freaking minivan loaner I had to putter around in for a week. A...
  9. Dead in the water

    One thought I cant get out of my head is that somehow some way perhaps the AEV harness caused the issue (post 5 it is mentioned). perhaps the broken end touched something while I had it installed...who knows. As I said, I never did get as far as even trying to plug the pro cal snap in, but that...
  10. Camp stove

    part of the answer to this depends on the type of cooking you need to do....for some a simple griddle would be enough, etc. But if it was me, I'd get a camp chef 2 burner. Lots of flexibility to use it as burners, a griddle, etc. Good quality too. I wouldnt mess around with the 1lb propane...
  11. Dead in the water

    I thought I'd put a marker on this thread to note where it stands. Yesterday the Jeep was returned to me "Unable to replicate" the problem. Im quite happy with the dealership I use. Their communication was good. They had it for basically 6 days. Drove over 100 miles. and nothing popped...
  12. Dead in the water

    yeah, feel the same way. is what it is.
  13. Dead in the water

    Today begins day 3 in the shop. I know the battery has been ruled out after load testing etc. codes have cleared and not come back in some tests...I do not know if any components were changed/etc. I was told by the advisor that "there seemed/seems to be an intermittent loss of communication...
  14. My Jackery/Dometic Test Run

    37 degrees
  15. Dead in the water

    the battery did not achieve a full charge overnight. So I just drove it straight to the dealer. They said there were 130 codes on it hahaha.......
  16. Dead in the water

    Update: Had the Jeep in the garage on a battery tender for approx 7 hours. battery tender was flashing indicating that the batteries were north of 80%, but less than fully charged for the last 5 hours or so. Fired it up. It turned on and ran normally. The MIL was still on, but all the weird...
  17. Any issues fitting 5x 35's in a 4dr JL?

    I just fit 5 rubicon takeoffs in after swapping out to 35's. 2 stacked behind passenger seat, I standing (leaning) on this in driver 2nd row. the other 2 on edge in back. I dont think I could have fit 35's this way.
  18. Dead in the water

    makes sense. was just thinking that the battery tender may not be the best choice for it, but upon reading they say it'll work with AGM's
  19. Dead in the water

    I should probably know this..... Are stock batteries AGM or lead acid?