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  1. So Are We Supposed to Wave to Renegades?

    Love those pictures! Well, we bought our Renegade for my wife because it had better road manners than a Wrangler and it seemed to have the off road capabilities we need? We must drive bad roads and off road on a daily basis. The Renegade does that better than any vehicle we have owned INCLUDING...
  2. Ocean Blue Sahara showed up at local dealer in NJ today

    Saw my first "Colored" JL this afternoon here in MO on the way home tonight. That is a GOOD LOOKING color! Hell of a lot better than the 50 shades of gray they're filling the lots up with!
  3. Jeep Wave or Lack Thereof

    Heheheh, says the owner with their Jeeps in front of a MALL (LOL)! Some of you'all need to quit taking yourself so seriously. Around here that "Wave" isn't something we do to gratify ourselves, it's something we do to brighten someone else day; we do it to say "Hey, we're all in this together...
  4. What type of off-road will your JL see?

    Heheheh, sounds like where we live, the Ozarks? I may not meet anyone with a shotgun, but it IS close by. If someone comes to the end of the road where we live they are either lost or up to "No good!" And a call to the sheriff (our county doesn't have 911) means someone MIGHT get here in time to...
  5. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Will be watching this thread as I've been waiting to see while I'm waiting; still in the market for our Wrangler. I figured if we got our jeep before a good rack option came out, we would use our utility trailer. I can't wait until I only have to reach high enough to get it off a Jeep rather...
  6. Any information on 2019 Jeep JL Wrangler colors?

    Dealers around us have 3 colors, white, black, gray (granite, billett silver). I'd love to see an Olive drab color again, but I guess I'll have to go out of our area to find COLOR if 2017-2018 models are any indication...
  7. What Distinguishes A 2 Door From A 4 Door Buyer?

    So THAT is why you drive it, to get "Compliments?" I say drive 2 dr or 4dr, whatever fit's your need, and not what you feel impresses others. But that's just my practical midwest attitude oozing out.
  8. Not Again! Jeep confirms 4-Wheel Drive for 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL

    Funny thing is a few generations ago we were laughing about a pig being a PET! Hmmmm....
  9. Not Again! Jeep confirms 4-Wheel Drive for 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL

    That's what I'm thinking? I thought it was pretty good, albeit a few hours early. I guess I don't feel a need to pick apart and analyze someone's attempt at humor myself. People are too freakin' serious nowadays.
  10. So Are We Supposed to Wave to Renegades?

    Heheheh, the only commercials I like..."Mayhem"
  11. So Are We Supposed to Wave to Renegades?

    Funny. My wife has a Rene and it probably, no, it LIKELY sees more off road use than MOST Wranglers? And out here in the Ozarks we "Wave" at Jeeps, trucks, Suzukis, Toyotas, Hondas, heck we might even wave at a Hummer if it aint all shiny! As drogers said, go ahead and be a little [email protected] if you...
  12. Fiat and Jeep Named “Worst” Car Brands

    I certainly do NOT! Years ago I bought a riding mower based on their reviews and it was the worst I ever owned. I guess a manicured, flat, perfect lawn is all they tested their mowers on? I've also noticed the testers seem to believe a truck or a Jeep should drive like their Honda sedans...
  13. More 2018 Wrangler JL Colors Coming - Nacho, Mojito!, Punk'n, Ocean Blue, Sting-Gray (with renders)

    Not what I expected at all. Almost looks like a cross between Hot Pink and Peach to me? I was thinking it would be more like my Sunset Orange Pearl color of my old Element? I'm not crazy about the Mojito, I would prefer a Hunter green or even OD. The other colors just don't do anything for me...
  14. Jeep Wave or Lack Thereof

    Well,I grew up in Southeast MO and traipsed all over the Mississippi River hills and the Ozarks. We grew up with those driving trucks and Jeeps both giving a "Wave." And, when driving on gravel roads, a "Wave" was a "Given" no matter what the vehicle. In '89-90 we moved to Colorado. I'm used to...
  15. What song best describes your current situation?

    My favorite so far, good music too!
  16. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    Going through this thread this morning I need to stop right here and say "THANK YOU!" Because of you and others like you we have the FREEDOM to dream, discuss, and drive our Jeeps and other vehicles!
  17. Tan or Black interior color? Which one do you prefer and why?

    If I have a choice I pick tan because it's not as hot in the summertime. When we bought my wife's Renegade last year we couldn't find a Trailhawk with the light colored interior. There were a few odd ones in other models, but even they were rare as unicorns. My F-150 was one of the few on the...
  18. What's a Wrangler Anyway

    "Ditto," I've noticed the same thing.