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  1. Sleeping in the back

    I just got the half deepsleepforjeeps delivered last week. I'm 6'1" so I think I'll be scrunched in there; anticipate building a little shelf/wedge platform to extend the useable sleep space up against the front seat.
  2. They say "it never rains in California..."

    I grew up in Minnesota but have lived in SoCal for 21 years. Everyvtime it rains, someone rolls something. they just don't get it here... don't even get me started on the 2wd vehicles that put their snow chains on the wrong wheels...
  3. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    2021 Rubicon sez Rubicon.
  4. What's this alarm?

    Right on. Local shop was so busy I didn't want to bother them apart from ordering my lift/lights/tires etc. Guess I will make an appointment at my dealership and let them know. The sound does seem like it emanates from the dash... at first I thought it was in the glove box. Anyway, enjoy...
  5. Nacho and Chief Colors

    I wanted the Chief Blue with the sky but alas, it wasn't an option. Too bad they 86'd that color it looked like it would be super nice.
  6. What's this alarm?

    I think mine is probably the same. It came from another dealer, not the selling dealer, just like yours. It had a little sticker on the window referencing a similar lojack thing, which of course I peeled off and tossed and don't remember the brand. There's no mention of it on the Monroney...
  7. What's this alarm?

    My new 2021 Rubicon does that, too. Was wondering what it was but haven't been bothered enough to take it back to the dealer to ask.