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  1. Installed Dynomax Muffler Delete

    Installed mine today. Biggest pain in the ass was getting the old one off. Took 25 mins total from start to finish. Cut the notch out and it aligned perfectly. Love the sound, especially the little pops and gurgles you get doing higher rev’d “manual“ up and downshifts with the auto. Nice and...
  2. Moved JL Rear View Camera To New Roof Location [DIY / Writeup]

    Did you lose the back up guidance lines that turn with the wheel? If not, how accurate are they now?
  3. What are you guys using for roof racks?

    Anyone know if the 60" DeeZee rack will work on 2dr? Looking at the pics on the website it might..
  4. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    Do the Dominion bar mounts work on a 2dr JL? Can't seem to find the info on their website..
  5. 2020 AEV JL370 Hella Yella JLUR Delivered

    Definitely going to wait for the full width..
  6. 2020 AEV JL370 Hella Yella JLUR Delivered

    Really wish AEV would make those bumpers on their website available for purchase.... Been waiting to get the new JL versions..
  7. Giveaway of the Month - November 2019 - Full Set Front & Rear Diff Covers [M210 & M220]

    Have to start with the mods.. Might as well attempt to get the good stuff first!
  8. Next Venture Full Width Rear Bumper

    Checked the website but didn't see.. Can you get the bumper with the cut-outs but NOT the sensors? I don't have the sensors on my Rubi but would love the extra rear lighting at times.