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  1. Identify this part...

    Look at the end of the rails that the seat rolls on. One is missing. You know where it is.
  2. Remote start not working, Beeps once, no start

    I would take it to the dealer. If they're good at what they do, they might overlook the five days and honor the warranty. Otherwise, I guess you can replace it yourself... If you replace it yourself, maybe look into a dual battery option that does not require you to year the Jeep down just to...
  3. JLUR enclosed trailer towing

    I've haven't had a chance to weigh it yet, I spent all last summer repairing the damn thing, so I won't be weighing it until the tires and brakes have been replaced. At that point I'll see if it's worth keeping it, or swapping it out with something smaller.
  4. Help with 2018 rubicon

    I like Northridge 4x4. They have knowledgeable staff, fair prices, and can help you build out what you're (your wife) looking to accomplish. That being said... I had a 2012 Sport S. I put a 2 1/2 inch lift on it. I put 33 x 12 R18's on it. Then it needed longer lower control arms to correct...
  5. JLUR enclosed trailer towing

    You're going to want mirror extensions. I suggest the Rampage 8605 mirrors with the adapters from This was the most elegant solution I could find. I have a pop up camper that sits five feet tall...
  6. Missouri 2019 Wrangler Unlimited Sport Radio Problem

    Under the hood, behind the battery, near the firewall, is the fuse box. Open it up and push down on all of the fuses and fusable links. See if that fixes it.
  7. What's this alarm?

    I'll see you in Door county for a fish boil...
  8. What's this alarm?

    They can't find it. They have no idea what it is. Don't accept it until it is fixed. Nothing is welded to the frame, it's most likely under the dash in the driver's side or under the hood.
  9. What's this alarm?

    Dealerships sometimes install alarm systems to new vehicles on their lots to hinder theft. They usually pull them out when they've sold the vehicle. Looks like someone didn't complete this last step.
  10. What's this alarm?

    No, don't leave until it's properly uninstalled.
  11. What's this alarm?

    If I'm right, the ground is disconnected. Be glad it isn't connected, they're screaming loud when installed correctly.
  12. What's this alarm?

    It's an aftermarket anti theft alarm. The dealership should have removed it. It sounds like they didn't pull the whole thing out.
  13. JK Lightbar 123220RR on a JL

    I had to flip the passenger side to driver and vice versa, I had to trim the top corner to fit around a bracket on the frame rails, I had to drill a new hole in the bottom of the plates, I drilled a bolt hole in the actual frame, I punched two holes in the plastic panel that fills the gap...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today? It's cheaper if you look around. But beware, this is for a JK, so you'll have some modifications.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today? Look around they go for as little as eighty bucks. But there's some drilling, hole punching, and swearing before it fits.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I installed my Christmas present. A light bar and lights
  17. JK Lightbar 123220RR on a JL

    Turns out, with enough swearing, and a drill, you can do anything you want.
  18. JK Lightbar 123220RR on a JL

    I was gifted the aforementioned lightbar and three led off road lights by my wife. It wasn't until I opened the package and started to try the install that I figured out that this is from the JK. I am pretty sure I can modify this to work, but has anyone else gone through the process? I...
  19. How Can We Help?

    Hey Benny, hope all is well. I'm looking at 123220RR. I know it isn't for the JL, but I'm pretty sure I can adapt it to work. Do you think it would arrive before Christmas? Otherwise, I'll wait until spring. Thanks in advance.
  20. Bouncy ride and shaky steering wheel after lift and upgrade tires

    It's a road. On Long Island. No fee. Just the expense of getting there. Trust me, you'll understand once you drive it. Carman Mill Rd