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  1. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    4 gallon Rotopax show on back order, do you know when they will be back in stock?
  2. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    ready to place an order today, are you guys in stock?
  3. Outback Adventure Trailgate ordering for Canada

    I bought mine from Outback Adventures website back in August and it shipped really quick. This is a really nice piece and for me was worth the price. Nicely made
  4. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    will 2 3gal cans work too? do any of these combinations exceed the weight limits of the unit?
  5. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    Can you double stack 2 4gal cans or 1 4gal and 2 2gal cans?
  6. Lippincott Road veterans - would appreciate some advice

    I haven't been over Lippincott, but as an alternative or loop Hunter MT is a very nice and scenic route. If you do go, please post back up, I am interested in the road condition too, I would like to do it next time I'm in DV.
  7. NEW! JL Front Camera offering - ZAutomotive 2/28/19

    Mike, great info, thank you for taking the time to find this in the Gladiator manual and sharing it. Very helpful and it confirms it works for my needs (will stay on in 4lo)!
  8. NEW! JL Front Camera offering - ZAutomotive 2/28/19

    for those of you using a Flashcal, which is what I have, Joe at ZAUTO said in post #35 that the Flashcal does not have the same functionality as the Tazer and the camera will turn off if the Jeep is in motion. Can any Flashcal users confirm if this is your experience? I want to install a front...
  9. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Thought I would share Maximus tire carrier add on. I made an umbrella rack for a quick shade set up on the trail. It's supper quick and easy to put up and take down which we use for lunch stops or breaks. I tack welded on an exhaust flange on the umbrella pole to keep it from hitting the...
  10. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Mine needed shims, I talked to Maximus III multiple times during my install and tried all other adjustments first. The issue with my jeep, yours might be different, is I was experiencing flex in the tub with a 37" tire and there was not enough adjustment built into the the tialgate plate and...
  11. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    What is your issue with Tailgate alignment? I had an issue too, not sure if our issues are the same, but my tailgate would drop when i opened my tailgate. I made a shim for the bottom tailgate mount at the tub and it fixed everything. I think they should include 1 or 2 shims with the kit.
  12. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    I finished my install and wanted to post some pictures of the TC. I am very happy with the TC design and quality, nice job Maximus-3! Here are a couple of pics of the TC completed, I haven't decided where I'm going to mount my license plate, for now it is zip tied to the bottom of the tire...
  13. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    I finished the isntall and the back up camera view is great, with my tire rim combo I have a good picture from the back up camera (as good as stock). The back up camera does not need to be removed to remove the tire. Very nice design.
  14. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Guys looking for some technical help on my install, it's after hours and hoping someone knows how to fix tailgate alignment. I installed everything (except the rienforecment plate, which shouldn't make a difference) and the tailgate was perfectly lined up until I put the spare on. After I...
  15. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I mounted mine under the hood with a DV8 mount, here is a link to my install thread.
  16. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Ordered mine today, can't wait to get it!
  17. Smittybilt JL HD Pivot Tire Carrier (7743) - Install / Review / Comments

    Does anybody know how much the SB tire carrier weighs? I know there are some pro's/cons, but I'm still considering this as an options. BTW, SB and a bunch of other companies are all owned by Transamerican Auto Parts, they own Polaris, 4Wheel Parts, ProComp, SB, G2 to name a few. So when you...
  18. A simple warning about your poorly designed diff drain bolt.

    I ordered a Metelcloak front diff cover skid plate combo, reasonable price too.