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  1. I wish my Jeep had...

    I have a tuffy lockbox on the inside of my tailgate. It’s not huge but I can lock my work computer or my kids iPads, anything of that nature pretty securely. Doesn’t store anything large though.
  2. Premium Soft Top, Winter, Ice? A Problem?

    I'm in PA and I ran a soft top last winter; I didn't have any issues with ice at all. Obviously, you can't scrape the ice off but when the inside warms up the ice melts very quickly. It is very warm inside the Jeep regardless of how cold it is. We went on a snowboarding trip to VT in February...
  3. What's your road trip in New England?

    They have these amazing carriage roads that are beautiful; great for riding with the top down. There are so many great places to go with kids; we love Blackwoods Campground because it is clean and beautiful and very close to everything. Take the kids to Sand Beach, Echo Lake, Jordan Pond...
  4. What's your road trip in New England?

    Yup, I took it on our first morning in Acadia. I highly recommend it and my family loved it! If you have any questions, let me know.
  5. New York Swap gray dash panels for red?

    How much are you do you want for them?
  6. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    I went in this morning for an oil change and to get my tires rotated and they told me I had a recall. I got it done although I wasn't experiencing death wobble or any other steering issues. I did previously lift my Jeep and added lower control arms/adjusted toe which really helped keep my Jeep...
  7. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    How much taller is your Jeep now with the rack? I want to get a gobi rack but it needs to fit in the garage. How do you like it so far? It looks great!
  8. JL for a roadtrip??

    Just got back from a two week road trip from Philadelphia to Acadia National Park. From there headed to Burlington, Vermont and then back down to PA. All in all, 27 hours plus side excursions in Northern Maine. The JLUR was great even though it was fully loaded down with camping gear, fridge...
  9. What's your road trip in New England?

    Just did Philadelphia to Acadia and then down to Burlington Vt.
  10. Patriot Fastbacks

    Thanks for responding to this thread. I reached out to them a few different ways, one of which being facebook. The responded about a month later, apologizing because they are getting set up and offering me a discount. I asked them to please measure the fenders as I definitely (and I mean...
  11. Finding hole in firewall

    I did the clothes hanger trick but even so, it was a lot like this:
  12. Dawn Patrol

    Dawn Patrol

  13. School me on 37’s (Ko2’s)

    Hey, I am an east coast guy as well. I have an auto Rubicon and I put a 2 inch Mopar lift on (but got over 3") and 37" BFG K02s with Fuel Anza wheels. Overall, I like it. It changed the feel of the Jeep for me because it does feel a little heavier and it wants to wander a little. It was...
  14. Fastest time to crack front windshield?

    That’s what happened to me too.
  15. How many baseball caps have you lost with top and doors off?

    Almost lost one a few weeks ago but somehow caught it. Wish I could wear them in the Jeep because I have long hair and a ton of hats so it’s a good way to keep hair out of my eyes.
  16. Mounting a Cargo Bag To Soft Top

    I got my hitch through Quadratec also, believe it was the Rough Country hitch. I think it was around $69 and it was a fairly straightforward install. It did worked well with the rack/bag. Let me know if there’s anything else you need; I’m happy to help. Good luck!
  17. Mounting a Cargo Bag To Soft Top

    I didn't have any issues with mine. It was very easy to assemble, in fact I had my ten year old help me with it. The only issue I saw with it is that the edges are kind of sharp, so if you aren't careful when removing it you could cut yourself. You can open the tailgate when you have the rack...
  18. Pulled over for no doors

    I believe it's an '06 TJ with Golden Eagle decals.
  19. Mounting a Cargo Bag To Soft Top

    I'm not sure the top would support it and I wouldn't want to chance it. Have you considered this Quadratec cargo rack and bag? We got one this year and it was great-and waterproof...