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  1. Diesel Lift Kit?

    pulling issue... steering stabilizer lifts-- mopar 2.0 for daily driving AEV 2.5 dualsport for lots of gear, bumpers, winch, etc.
  2. Overlanding without a roof rack, exterior storage or seat delete? Sky OneTouch top challenge

    Well done on the research. Most miss these numbers. if you have the large pioneer rack the off-road ratings drops to 126lbs. I see 200lb tents strapped to these backbone systems in videos all the time.
  3. Teraflex vs. Fox Steering Stabilizer - Advice Needed

    I'm headed this direction. I'll let you know how it turns out! Superlifts
  4. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    shit, that green and bronze it hot, nice choice
  5. Goose Gear install videos (overlanding and camping)

    I made a couple of detailed videos showing the install process for the stealth platform and camp kitchen with icebox/dual drawer set up. I also had a top plate added with aluminum extrusions for extra storage capacity. I was tempted to install a shelf back there but takes it's place. Stealth...
  6. Instagram Pages

    found ya! i'm
  7. Instagram Pages

    found you, i'm
  8. Instagram Pages

    gotcha. i'm
  9. 3.0 won’t crank

    I think your fuel might have gelled up.
  10. 3.0 won’t crank

    could be 100 different things. Need more info. Provide as many details as possible. What are you seeing? What are you hearing? Did you plug in a block heater?
  11. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    i'm in the middle. @LawrenceL to the left.
  12. Any recommended dealers in the Dallas area for order/purchase?

    I purchase and service mine at different dealers. I can't find one with everything. I have purchased in Arlington and Tyler. I service in Dallas proper.
  13. Aftermarket wheel lug nuts

    I'm surprised Fuel doesnt offer a solution for this. Check out the Method kit