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  1. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    From the Navigation page touch Nav Settings, then speed limit, then see if the announce speed limit warning box is checked. If so, uncheck the announce speed limit warning box. If it’s not that then I am not sure.
  2. Hella Yella Rookie Build

    Did you change headlights? I want to do pretty much the exact same build to my black JLUR. Yours looks great!
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put on a trailer hitch and wired a 4 pin trailer connection in.
  4. Been out of a Wrangler for 2 years. Ready to get back in. WANT 4 cyl. CHANGE MY MIND!

    I have the JLUR 2.0. I was firm against it for a long time until I actually drove it. I figure if the motor starts having issues I will trade it for something else. Until then I have until the factory warranty runs out to determine if I want to keep it for the long haul. So far no issues. I get...
  5. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Went through Cades Cove and Rich Mountain Rd. Just explored around the Smoky Mountain National Park with the freedom tops out. It was a great day
  6. Towing

    I am interested in this as well. I started a thread a while back and didn't get any responses that truly pertained to your question. I hope you have more luck. I am interested in this as well since I will be pulling a boat and want to know how the JLU reacts and handles while under a load.
  7. Anyone towed anything with their JL yet?

    Ha. Agreed. I was hoping to see how it responds when pulling a boat, or utility trailer, or small camper, or something on it's own wheels. Eventually someone on this forum will make a big trip pulling something close to the 3,500 lb limit and let us know how their jlu does. Im still a ways away...
  8. Anyone towed anything with their JL yet?

    How did the JLU do?
  9. Anyone towed anything with their JL yet?

    I am curious as to how it responded while towing compared to the JKU or other towing experiences. Towing a boat to and from the lake would most likely be the extent of what I want to do with it. Any input from those that have already received their JLU?
  10. Dealer in Alabama willing to deal a little

    Dothan has one listed as "in transit"