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  1. Difficulty filling the tank completely

    I know this is an older thread but when I fill from empty in my 4dr i max out between 17-19 gallons. Are people actually getting 21 gallons on a fill up?
  2. Anyone recognize this sweet looking stubby?

    Are those fogs in upside down? I feel like the orientation matters but I could be a fool atm.
  3. What to do with space for jack

    Did you put this in the trunk space? Where there is a plastic cover with the door pin and hardtop bolt holder.
  4. What to do with space for jack

    What are you all doing with the space that is occupied by the standard emergency jack. I am about to remove it and was curious what people have done with it. im thinking the place in the trunk under a small plastic cover. It’s right before the cargo tray under the floor.
  5. ESS Issue (Stopped Working) and Repaired

    You think even after 16k in driving. It’s been going on since i took delivery
  6. Michigan WTB Rubicon Fender Flares

    Looking for black painted or textured flares. Also LEDs turn signals.
  7. Using fender side harness for DRLs halogen with LEDs

    Can I splice in a wiring harness from the halogen DRLs to the LEDs? I have the sport and would need to flash, but I can’t seem to find the led drls with harness for a fair price, and I bought a set without the fender side harness.
  8. California OEM Rubicon LED Fender Lights (Amber & Clear sidemarkers)

    I’ll buy the harness from ya, fender side
  9. Georgia LED Fender lights $250

    wanna sell just the harness?
  10. Utah LED fender lights Sahara

  11. Florida JL LED fender flare lights $200+shipping

    Would you sell the harness?
  12. Utah LED fender lights Sahara

    Is the harness cut
  13. Kansas Having buyers regret. Sell me something I can’t deny

    I have the JLU sport. Wanted a set of Rubi fenders and lights but bought lights without the harness. Repinning Sounds like a PITA. I am looking for anything that I could get that could upgrade my Jeep. If anyone has rubicon fenders I’d love to know
  14. Connecticut WTB Halogen Headlight Housings

    Aww I see, was curious. I’d trade ya but if you’re looking for a project probably does no good.
  15. Kansas WTS: Stock Sport parts

    Selling bumper with air dam, euro fender pieces, halogen fogs, and wiring harness. Halogen Tail Lights LED fogs from plastic bumper. make me an offer.
  16. Connecticut WTB Halogen Headlight Housings

    do you have headlights in currently?
  17. Splicing into third brake light harness.

    Did you make a ”Y” style connector? Do you have a photo of where you spliced and your connections.
  18. Splicing into third brake light harness.

    Has any on spliced Into the third brake light harness to add a spare tire light. I want to keep my factory third brake light but also add this one. I’ll be using a two flat pin to allow myself to remove the brake light if i choose to.
  19. North Carolina WTB Sport Rear Bumper

    I have on in Kansas, I’ll be in Iowa tomorrow, not sure if that works. Just an option if you end up in a bind. I might be able to get out to St. Louis or something.