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  1. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    For sure. My driving has definitely been much less since last year. Work distance is always minimal, but we just haven't been taking the trips we typically would. Hoping this year will be better!
  2. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    lol yea it was definitely a different environment. Anybody else remember the soft top debacle? I remember how cutthroat it was on the forums for people trying to find a soft top. A lot of the very first JLUs were hard top only, and dual top people were being told they'd have to wait months for...
  3. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Yea, I remember there were no 2 doors yet when I bought my JLU. I have a 3.6. Edit: Actually, I think around March the 2 door custom orders were starting to arrive at dealers. I remember my sales guy saying he had a girl who custom ordered a 2-door manual and it was coming in soon.
  4. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Wow, so many awesome posts and pictures, guys! Thanks!
  5. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Only 18,000. I work about 2 miles from my house haha
  6. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Just thought I'd start this to see if it catches on. My JLU is just about 3 years old - March 2018 seems so long ago. Still going strong, no plans to trade. Just wanted to see how others at the same point are holding up.
  7. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    You will, yea, but it's not because you said anything irrational. The reality of how this is gonna play out is that both vehicles will be good choices for different people. You'll always have the extreme people on either side whether you're talking cars, politics, or refrigerators. The internet...
  8. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I'm over on that site, too. I like checking it out from time to time. Most of those people seem pretty chill; some trolls, as always. This site has plenty of them as we all know haha Yea, I watched the Car and Driver video/article of the Bronco taking off the doors and roof. Seems pretty...
  9. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    Indeed. And I highly doubt you're gonna get many people willing to pop into a thread like this and say, "Yea! Totally I regret it" lol
  10. Poll - 4 door visual preference? Naked or half doors?

    Half doors for sure. I love JLUs, but they look dumb with all the doors off. But I'm one to talk because I usually go mullet style with just my front two doors off lol It's all good - just enjoy life!
  11. How are your cloth seats holding up?

    Mine are holding up really well since March of '18, but I usually throw on some cheapo Rugged Ridge covers usually for the passenger seat and my daughter's car seat. I got them for like 100 bucks and I figured it'll help keep the seats a bit longer. Good investment I would say especially to put...
  12. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    Hey does anyone know if the tan soft top fabric is actually available? I feel like I've seen it online at a couple places, but I have driven past hundreds of jeeps and haven't yet seen one JL with the tan fabric. I have a red JL and my wife keeps saying a tan top would look hideous, but I feel...
  13. New Jeep Owner in Georgia

    Congrats! Cherish every bit of both! (jeep and wife haha)
  14. Service 4WD message and then piece of metal falls out of jeep

    No, sorry - dealer didn't send me one. I should have asked. The guy was kinda squirrely when I kept asking him about it. Just kept saying he had no idea what could have caused it. @Brenden True. And I didn't knock it on anything hard. It was literally just snow. Granted, it was like 2 feet of...
  15. Service 4WD message and then piece of metal falls out of jeep

    No speed, that's for sure. I just crawled out of my driveway. Maybe a turn, though. Yea, it was the front drive shaft. I'm pretty sure I put it back into 2hi or 4hi at the most once I got onto the street, but that required a bit of a turn once I exited the driveway. You gave me something to...
  16. Service 4WD message and then piece of metal falls out of jeep

    Ok so what do you guys think of this one: Early January we got that huge snowstorm. I'm in 4hi and briefly in 4lo to get through some really heavy unplowed snow (like nearly 2 feet), then 2hi once I'm back on roads or anything even slightly plowed. Some of the shifting takes some force on the...
  17. Upgrade to a JT?

    Some people like to present themselves as so hardcore offroad that really what they need is a quad, not a jeep lol
  18. Who actually uses A/C?

    In all honesty, I could probably get by without A/C... if it were just me. But I have a wife and daughter, so that's not happening. It's worth the thousand bucks.
  19. All Electric Jeep Wrangler BEV Concept to be Revealed at Easter Jeep Safari!

    Just stop. I'm so sick of the garbage. You threw in a political jab, so you got one in return. Take it in stride and continue the dialogue if you want, but don't start a "woe is me" routine.