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  1. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    Yes. A poll 3 years ago asked what option do you not have and wished you did: the answer.....Proximity keyless entry!!!
  2. Windshield Defroster Fix

    I really don't get what you guys are talking about. I'm here in Missouri and we just got through 4 below zero weather and I had absolutely no problems with the defroster. And yes, the car sat outside. A year ago I was in upstate NY and didn't experience any issues there either with...
  3. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Is the dealer sure they didn't do a dealer trade? Sometimes when the swap occurs the paperwork is not handled with "exacting standards". I had that happen to me once and the dealer wasted time fiddling around with FCA instead of the dealer they swapped it with! Just a thought.
  4. Alignment shop tech disconnected my dash-cam - what should I do?

    I have to say this thread is next to worthless!!! This is pathetic. 80% of the people on here should never give advice unless it involves onion rings or fries! They love to write volumes so they can read it and smile and agree how smart they are! Report this to the manager? Maybe it was...
  5. 392 related Jeep Chat question

    Typical car manufacturers; build excitement, hint when the "dream version" will be available and then delay everything for 1-2 months. They all do it. How about Bronco...6 months delay from original anticipated delivery date. I've ordered 4 cars in my life (all else on lot) and never have...
  6. Question About Jeep Value (before I take delivery today)

    I've heard this same diatribe for 40 years! The pot was supposed to dry up by 2000, then 2010, then 2020 and now the latest estimate I saw was 2032. Cut the federal government employee base in 1/2 and there would be plenty of money. People keep electing idiots that have no business background...
  7. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    Finally some common sense! Shifting at unsafe speeds (determined by the road condition) is never advisable. I've down shifted in my old muscle mopars on rainy roads and have fish tailed all over the place. Slippery conditions warrant more brain cells working and slowing down before drive...
  8. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    JeepCares wasn't created to "hold them accountable". I'm not sure why everyone always shits all over dealers when none of the observers here have the whole story.
  9. Who else is patiently waiting

    No one that orders a new Jeep "patiently waits"!!! There have been threads on here where the OP sounded desperate and almost insane because they couldn't move their build along or the status moved back one step. If you are patiently waiting my hat's off to you! You show a high degree of...
  10. having a little fun

    Great shots. I definitely think the kids are old enough to own and drive this Jeep! Do they ever take their parents with them? lol
  11. Anyone else having this issue?

    No, he's the lead designer on the next version! :CWL:
  12. The Jeep Wave

    Another thread on Jeep Wave? This is about the 8,000th thread regarding imagined rules, do's and don'ts, penalties, sexism, which specific models, etc. Very soon, the rocks and sticks will be flying as drama builds! Never understood why this Jeep Wave thing is so important??!! It's not a...
  13. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    Eventually time will take care of those "problems" or the wife will do some psychiatric work to help you through your crisis!!!
  14. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    There is so much that doesn't make sense. Glad you pointed out the abandonment!
  15. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    My last words on this: You're making assumptions on what they're thinking and motivation because of sexism? Getting an attorney for advice is one thing but if you think that it levels the playing field.....not even close. I'm very close and social with my dealer who owns 14 new...
  16. The Jeep Wave

    That is my wife!
  17. Dick Cepek Fun County

    Had Dick Cepek tires on many of my vehicles. Never a bad experience! Those are the same wheel dimensions I always run on my Jeeps.
  18. Help with Lemon JL (Actual Lemon, not Hellayella)

    An AG doesn't typically go after a dealer because a customer has a complaint unless it involves life threatening negligence or fraud. Lack of "good customer service" is in the eyes of the beholder and not class action. Are we looking for a jury trial and Fox News to show up too? I usually...
  19. Looks like Edelbrock is getting closer to production.

    Sorry to say but I don't think the 392 was available until 2014.
  20. Dealer Hall of Shame. Feel free to put in your bad dealer story to help future JL/JT/JLU buyers.

    In 1973 I bought a brand new Dodge Dart 340 Sport, 4 speed and quite well optioned, in Troy, NY. In NY, no new car can leave the dealership without an annual inspection and sticker. (now in Missouri and no inspection necessary for the first 5 years). I got 2 blocks from the dealership and was...