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  1. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    I know what you're talking about and it's there, just not legible. Very very very faint, I might screw around with some tracing paper or something else and see what happens, thanks @MadDog27!
  2. Dynatrac HD Ball Joints - Massive

    @Sting_NC_USA thanks for the info. Mine showed up today and looks like from the packaging that Dynatrac has only included the top 2 snap rings - as if to acknowledge and not confuse the installer that the lowers will not utilize snap rings for this application.
  3. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    My front and rear 4.88 ring and pinion sets showed up today (M210/M220) and although I've installed a few gear sets this is my first time with Dana Spicer IIRC...usually stick with Yukon etc. The rear set checks out: But the front pinion threw me for a loop so today I sent DANA tech support...
  4. All I want for Christmas is ...

    speaking of lights...all I want for Christmas is for people to turn their lights on when it's raining or snowing out!
  5. OEM Rubicon front end noise. (knock, creak?)

    Check your swaybar end links and retorque to spec
  6. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Just noticed this issue last weekend on a trail and have experienced similar symptoms listed in this thread when in 4Lo. Sounds like a grinding noise coming from the front only in 4Lo, almost like something is going on with ABS....feels and sounds like ABS at least. Then the EVIC started...
  7. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    @MSteeves thank you for sharing all those trails and looking forward to more reports. Have you done the Rimrocker trail from Montrose to Moab yet?
  8. Re-gearing to 5.13 gear - should i just get the ring and pinion or ill need the whole kit?

    Yes you will need to also buy a master install kit for 1 front and 1 rear axle, so 2 total in addition to the 2 ring and pinion sets for 1 front axle and 1 rear axle. The master install kits come with new pinion bearings, pinion nuts, crush sleeve, seals, ring gear bolts, shims etc. You...
  9. Noob with

    I don't have any JScan products, trying to figure this out before purchasing
  10. Dookey's DD

  11. Noob with

    Can the JScan app be used without cell phone service to pull and look up codes? Is that stuff cached in the app so when you're wheeling in the middle of nowhere without cell service you're not SOL?
  12. Dookey's DD

    Love the build. How comfortable are you with that single sheer clamp?
  13. PSC Motorsports has released Jeep JL upgraded steering systems

    I don't see anything for the 2.0 on your website, am I mistaken?
  14. Anyone using an Antirock Swaybar on their JL?

    Haha yeah I saw that, that would have been the case for me as well. Most things never go my way....I wonder why they're also offering an aluminum version then
  15. Anyone using an Antirock Swaybar on their JL?

    How are the new arms holding up in the rear? Any info appreciated. FWIW on another application other than a JL I had to press brake both the arms and swaybar links to avoid rubbing.
  16. PSC Big Bore Steering Upgrade
  17. Six lifts reviewed by TrailRecon. An interesting watch and some useful information.

    Thanks for sharing. Interested in seeing the Part 2 vid of this for additional onroad and offroad characteristics....but I gotta remind myself this could just boil down to conjecture at the end of the day pending how much seat time and terrain covered in each vehicle....some people be like this...
  18. PSC Big Bore Steering Upgrade

    Whoever installed should have bled lines with it stationary, preferably with the front on jack stands and going lock to lock, topping off fluid as you go until the level holds steady really need to talk to whoever installed and start asking questions. And since it sounds like someone...
  19. Quadratec Customer Service

    Good to hear you had a positive experience with Quadratec Customer Service. My experience with their “Response Team” has been quite the opposite, which prompts me to take my business elsewhere