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  1. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    All the time.... I'm on my 6th one :) lol I think its been said a dozen times.. You wither love it and all that it comes with or you simply hate it. There are times though, especially working on it, that you will hate "that stupid {insert name here}"... Then a nice sunny day, perfect for top...
  2. Tazer Mini JL - Question about what is lost?

    That was a perfect and thorough response. Thank you. I’m a fairly experience (26+ years) network/cyber architect; however, my experience is focused on typical IT related targets. I read the modules specta and thought it was the security gateway. The very device introduced to prevent hacks like...
  3. Tazer Mini JL - Question about what is lost?

    Good Morning, Evening, Night... whichever...... Quick question... When you install the TAZER MINI module, you disconnect a factory module, and then plug the cable into the MINI. Pretty easy stuff for the double-jointed, but my question is in two parts: 1. What is the module you disconnect and...
  4. 2 Post Auto Lift - Any Recommendations?

    Thanks. I’m leaning toward a couple of the Titan models, but bedpak was also on the list. Thanks again
  5. 2 Post Auto Lift - Any Recommendations?

    I’m building a detached garage and i want to put a 2 Post Auto Lift in it. I’ve already raised the ceiling height to 12’ and have made some other preparations. Now I’m researching lifts. Does anyone have any suggestions out there?
  6. Turn on rock lights temporarily when unlocking the doors?

    Hi @Moregone .. i posted something a while back on how I wired up some rock rails on my old jeep. Complete with instructions.. thought it might help.
  7. Diesel 101 - let’s hear it

    Ok folks. I’m reading and reading and reading. As always, the jeep community is awesome, so how about some info for “a first time 3.0 Diesel owner, but a long time jeep owner.” Ive had a few wranglers over the years and never have i been more out of my element than with this diesel. Mind you...
  8. How many miles is enough to begin modifications?

    With my latest, a 2021 JLUR-D, i went exactly 27 miles.. the distance between the dealer, my house, and the jeep shop :) hahaha i was replacing a nicely mod-d 2019 JLUR, so it felt really odd driving it without mods. That was a few days before thanksgiving and here we are in JANUARY, still...
  9. Let’s Talk Springs and Shocks for a minute

    Thanks for the information.... The dates are a bit concerning.. lol I've already been without my jeep for nearly a month.. ugh! hahahaha
  10. Let’s Talk Springs and Shocks for a minute

    There are... And that is why the garage has had my jeep since before Xmas.. lol They are patiently (as am I) waiting for the shocks to arrive... lol
  11. Let’s Talk Springs and Shocks for a minute

    2021 JLURD.. throwing TeraFlex Alpine RT2 on it with Falcon 3.3 for the Diesel on it. I know the diesel adds about 450-ish lbs to the vehicle and i see several manufacturers coming out with Diesel specific shocks/springs. @TeraFlex is coming out with Diesel Specific shocks, but sticking with...
  12. Help me get off the fence

    I sold my 2019 JLUR to get in a JLURD, and have no regrets (other than i built out the 2019 myself and had to s of sweat equity lost). Lol
  13. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    It’s not called the Jeep Rubicon wave.. lol ignore it.. I’ve had several wranglers over the years, and just recently dipped into the Rubicon (picked up a 2019, sold it.. and now in a diesel Rubicon). Make your jeep your own. Get out and enjoy it. You’ll find the jeep community is like ever...
  14. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    I'll throw my name in the hat, but I don't have a facebook account any longer. lol Shut that one down a few years ago... Anyway, cool product, would love to see it on the jeep 2021 JLUR-D Jeep build... Thanks for offering this @Hothead Headliners
  15. GVWR - 2021 JLUR SRT 392

    Thanks Kurt... In this case, state law doesn't matter as much as the bottom line (or GVWR). I was approaching this from a Section 179 of the Federal Tax / IRS perspective.. It's a perk for being a business owner who puts a lot of miles on their company vehicle.. lol Anyway, appreciate the...
  16. Teraflex RT2 Short Arm JLURD

    Nice! Im looking for the diesel. Im a but worried about the lack if diesel specific springs or shocks.. It gets here next week, so need to make some decisions quickly. Ive got a few months to worry about that 392, but applaud your preparation. :)
  17. Tuning the 3.0 Diesel?

    Has anyone produced a successful tune or tuner for the JLURD 3.0 yet? Anyone running one? Have you seen improvements in both fuel exonomy, HP, and Torque?
  18. Teraflex RT2 Short Arm JLURD

    Anyone running this kit? What shocks? What size tires? Got Pics? Lastly, how do you like it?
  19. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Is anyone running the teraflex 2.5” lift in the JLURD? Got pics?
  20. GVWR - 2021 JLUR SRT 392

    Thanks @TheMike If you remember where you saw it, please post it.