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  1. Cargo mat gone?

    Since I don't have the trail rail system, I'm waiting for the WeatherTech cargo mat.Hoping that one stretches across the entire cargo area.
  2. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I'm really confused by this thread. I think folks must be suffering with bad alignment or improper tire pressure. My Wrangler was built ~Feb 21st and I took delivery about a week ago. This is my 3rd Wrangler and most recently I've been driving a 2015 Grand Cherokee. Tires are at 37psi cold and I...
  3. Soft top window storage

    Bestop just released this bag for their Trektop NX Glide top for the JK. Based on the features of the top, it looks like the JL zipperless windows were modeled off of it. It’s a little pricey, but I’m going to give it a try. Looks like it won’t ship until late April. Bestop 42815-35 Window...
  4. Soft top window storage

    @BestopTeam any suggestions on how to store the soft top windows when you take them off? My understanding is that the window roll up bags are not a viable option for the JL. Thanks!
  5. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    Has anyone installed this part on their Jeep yet? I’m curious to hear if there were any compatibility issues with cloth seats.
  6. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Picked up my ride late Thursday night. Coming from a JK and before that a TJ, I can definitively say this is the best Wrangler ever made. Thanks to @JLWF Dealer Guy and @JAY for all the tracking help and maintaining a great forum! My furry friend is a fan too!
  7. Koons Group Buy Program for 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL -- 5% under invoice

    I just took delivery of my JLU Sahara from @Koons_of_Tysons_Corner last night. Everything went exactly as Craig and I discussed over email and there were no surprises. Craig and the team were great to work with. I would highly recommend them if you're in the market for an excellent 5% under...
  8. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    It’s a rail yard in Nitro, WV. Most northeast orders go there from Toledo.
  9. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    It’s a rail yard in Nitro, WV. Most northeast orders go there from Toledo.
  10. Update on Shattered Rear Glass & Mopar Customer Service

    Wow, that's nuts. Will definitely be careful when I remove the hardtop this spring.
  11. Rear seat recline comfort

    I haven't taken delivery of mine yet, but the JLs I sat in on dealer lots appeared to have better rear seat recline than the JK. I thought I read a post around launch that stated it was improved.
  12. Opinions/Suggestions wanted on which top setup to get

    If you really want dual tops, your local dealer can remove the hardtop and store it for you. I know several people in situations similar to you that take that approach. I’m not sure of the cost since I’ve never done it myself.
  13. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    I’ve been waiting since 12/26 to hear those beautiful words! Making the trip to Koons on Thursday to pick it up. Will def share pics of my package ;):like: !!!
  14. Sahara JLU Fuel Cap Door

    Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question. Other than aesthetics, any benefits from a fuel door?
  15. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    I call BS. Jeep can barely figure out how to track the vehicles accurately. They are now telling us that they are experts at tracking VIN pings to predict fraud?! :cwl::cwl:
  16. Special Scheduling Condition VII???

    This is something from the factory, not the dealer. I asked this question a while back and didn't get a clear answer. I entered several VIN numbers into the equipment listing search and across multiple dealer this line item appeared on the build sheet.
  17. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Does anyone else have a line item that says "FAM: JL TRACKING: 80126J16 MY:2018" on their equipment build sheet?
  18. How often do you check your order status?

    I check in daily. Sometimes twice a day. I don't feel bad. I consider it included in the service provided with a $50K product.