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  1. Putting my JLUR in Reverse. Very Loud.

    Found a fix! Go straight to D then lightly take foot off have light movement of car! Then put it in reverse no more loud noise!
  2. Pennsylvania Rhino Rack System with back bone and awning NIB

    How much for just the rack? Where you located?
  3. Be careful out there!!!

    And the wheels the wheels must go lol
  4. California WTB- Gobi Roofrack JLUR

    Looking for a Gobi roof rack JLUR
  5. Any mod friendly dealers?

    Took it to Russel Westbrook Jeep...they are totally cool about the lifted Jeep, cold air intake and muffler delete. Just removed the oil catch can....because i took it in for a oil leak on the valve covers on the VVT sensor. Also for the gearbox change.
  6. New Jersey 24x12 wheels 35 in tires

    Man id airdown to 8 psi and hit some trails with these bad boys
  7. Any mod friendly dealers?

    Any recommendations in Socal?
  8. Any mod friendly dealers?

  9. Any mod friendly dealers?

    As title says....thanks!
  10. Anyone want LED Fog Lamps?

    Is this available and will it work on a JK Sahara?
  11. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    Did the leak stop?
  12. Would you trade JL for JT?

    The bed of the JT is too small. JL stays!
  13. California New Gobi Stealth Rack

    Where in California are you located?