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    Yeah it all worked out great for me...installed the headlights in about 30 minutes. The drl leds on the fender was a little tougher but still turned out perfect. TaZer was needed as well.
  2. A pillar wiring location question.

    Anyone know where they are running this wire with the mopar mounts. The actual directions show into the seam of the windshield and cowl but this is a much cleaner look. Think they drilled a hole? Can you fit the wire between any of the sides of the cowl? I obviously don’t want to drill if I...
  3. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    If I have the 7” display with the cheaper stock speakers can I still convert them or does this work only for the 8.4 with alpines?

    I did a thread on this install about a week ago. If you need any help let me know..
  5. Fuse box question

    I think I’m gonna go with the trigger four plus for my install. It seems to be a quality option without having to install switches in the cabin.
  6. Help with Installing mopar off road lights

    Think I’m gonna go with the trigger 4 plus relay setup. Seems like it’s a nice easy alternative to the aux switches
  7. Fuse box question

    The s tech looks last question it says that the switches are rated for 30a max is this an issue since the mopar lights I want to install say they need a 15a auxilary switch.
  8. Fuse box question

    So my plan was to use one of the guys below both connect directly to the battery. I was leaning toward the second one because it has 15 amp channels and I would tap the positive side of the light to the fuse box. Since it’s like a wireless switch. Maybe the first one is the better option since...
  9. Fuse box question

    I need two 15amp circuits for off-road lights. Plan is to use fuse taps as I don’t have the auxiliary switches. Are the fuse spots for the aux switches still hot if I add a fuse tap? Second question. If I use a 20amp fuse can I tap it and put a 15amp fuse in the new slot?
  10. Help with Installing mopar off road lights

    So if this is the case is it a bad idea to use the module that has 18amp channels? I’m really new to all this so apologize if this is a very obvious problem or not. My guess would be it would allow the lights to continue to work an extra 3 amps hi or bad is this?
  11. Help with Installing mopar off road lights

    I don’t have them yet still planning the things I need so I can buy it all at once. I did look at the pdf instructions and don’t see it anywhere
  12. Help with Installing mopar off road lights

    I want to install the 7” and 5” mopar off road lights. I don’t have the aux switches. My plan was to wire them to a wireless relay and control them with my remaining homelink buttons on my visor. I’m having trouble finding how much power the lights draw. Anyone know how many amps or watts these...
  13. How do you unhook the turn harness?

    So I stuck a screw driver in the slot right above the red slider and it cracked and came off nice and easy. only affected the old harness new one plugged in just fine....if your in the cold and desperate I recommend this!
  14. How do you unhook the turn harness?

    How the heck do these seperate!?!? I pulled the red tab and this one just won’t let go...the other one did after just fumbling for a while I’ve poked and prodded and it won’t separate! What am I missing!?!
  15. Help installing oem led drl turn signals

    I think you’re talking about head lights, I got that all covered with the headlight kit. I’m talking about the turns signal and drl lights on the fenders
  16. Help installing oem led drl turn signals

    Anyone have any sources for installing the led turn signals and drls? Mainly want to take apart the least amount while being able to swap out the fixtures. I did see a video of a morimoto install and there’s double sided tape holding it in...anything else I should be away of? A video or thread...
  17. Bumper hoop on plastic rubicon bumper?

    Anyone successfully attach the bumper hoop to a plastic bumper? Wanted to use it as a way to mount some lights.
  18. Wire for oem led halo on headlights.

    Okay so your saying with my kit I don’t have to plug the halo light into the behind the glove box harness? I can use a fuse tap to install it? Is there any negatives to this method? Is there a specific fuse tap I need? Sorry I’m brand new at all this stuff but willing to learn.
  19. Wire for oem led halo on headlights.

    I purchased the upgrade kit so my understanding is the lights plug right into the factory harness. Then I have a wire that plugs into the lights for the halos. This wire gets run back through the fender through the fire wall and plugs in to a harness there. Can I just plug that wire into my fuse...

    I bought an led upgrade kit that comes with the wire. I’m gonna read this thread through one more time but I feel like it’s above my head...can I cut the wire that’s supposed to go through the firewall and just attach it to the fuse box? I do have a tazer as I’m also doing the rest of the lights...