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  1. South Carolina WTB: White Painted Fender Flares

    sure for the right price i might be interested, can you pm me some pics please when you get a chance? Thanks
  2. Georgia Quake Smoked LED Fender Light w/ Sequential Turn Signals & Side Marker Light

    will these work on a sport or they just for a rubicon? thanks
  3. South Carolina WTB: White Painted Fender Flares

    WTB: White Painted Fender Flares . Would prefer Rubicon but would be ok with Sahara also. I live in Bluffton SC TIA
  4. Colorado WTT: My white Rubicon hood for your white Sport/Sahara Hood +cash

    Man if you get near SC let me know. I would be willing to do this. I have a flawless white sport Hood.
  5. South Carolina 2018 Wrangler jlu soft top full kit $800

    Has less than 10k miles in flawless condition. This is a full OEM standard top including all parts to convert your hard top 4 door JL to a soft top. I purchased a new twill top so the only used parts in the set is the actual top. Need out of the garage, I have it in the original box. Located in...
  6. South Carolina FS: Rubicon wheels with tpms will trade for beer

    I have 4 rubicon wheels with tpms that have various scratches but nothing super bad. I want them gone, will trade for beer, money, or something cool. Bluffton SC
  7. South Carolina FS: 5 rubicon wheels with TPMS Make offer

    4 of them have been wheeled and have many scratches but nothing crazy, the 5th is brand new. They all have tpms installed. I am located in Bluffton SC. make me a reasonable offer as i need the garage space.
  8. Colorado (5) Upgrade Rubicon Wheels!

    Lets make it happen, let me know. Jon
  9. Colorado (5) Upgrade Rubicon Wheels!

    man i would be all over the tires if you was closer to me. I would be interested if you want to ship to sc. Not trying to low ball ya but i would be willing to go $600 shipped for 4 of them. i found a set up the road from me but i really dont want to drive. These would be for my 4runner not my...
  10. Set of Rubicon wheels - North Florida

    sent you a pm
  11. WTB Rubicon takeoff tires KO2 in SC or GA

    Looking for a set of 285/70/17 from a rubicon take off for my 4runner. I am in bluffton sc
  12. SOLD

    Ill take it, PM sent. Thanks Jon
  13. SOLD:::Mopar grab handles

    ill take them, let me know your paypal email
  14. Tuffy Security Deck Install

    Nice job! I am also interested in one of these, what is the clearance with it closed? Wondering if a yeti 65 would fit under there. Thanks