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  1. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    Only thing I lost was my Sirius Radio presets. Everything else seems fine.
  2. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    Put the transfer case in Neutral and pull the emergency brake. Average thief will probably never figure it out. Or pull the Manual park release and put the cover back on.
  3. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    with touch screens, they should have an option to enter a pin code to start the vehicle if someone wants to turn on that option. And a quick way before shutting off the vehicle to require pin on next start. :)
  4. Disable Speed Limit Warning?

    Sounds more like a phone app? I know my jeep has never given any speed warning. Are you connected via Carplay or androidAuto and maybe your phones map is performing this alert?
  5. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    ALpine System. 1) It sounds great 2) LED headlights are cheap and easy to install 3) I'm in South Florida, I can live without the Cold weather package the 3 days I would need it. :)
  6. Removing the automatic braking system pump will void warranty?

    ABS isn't so much about stopping faster, it's about maintaining control and not going into a slide. Not much of an issue on dry pavement, but when you lock them up on slick surfaces you are at the mercy of many other forces such as grade, direction, surface deformities, etc.
  7. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    Count me in. Almost bought a set last Spring, then got sidetracked.
  8. Mall-crawler, poser, or enthusiast?

    I bought a Jeep because I've wanted one for some time and things finally came together to make it happen. No intention for any serious off roading. Used to ride the Harley with friends on weekends, but many have sold their bikes or moved, so we don't have anyone living close to ride with...
  9. Jeep Concept Teased Ahead of SEMA360 Reveal

    I'd probably be interested in a JT if they had a shortbed version. My JLUS is just about right, except if I need to haul something longer, the 3rd taillight and spare get in the way of just letting it hang out the back.
  10. What would you do to your Jeep with $5k?

    Pay off the last 5k I owe on it :P
  11. Highest mileage jl......999,999miles.....

    I'd check the Aux Battery first...Reports of strange electric issues when it's on the verge of death.
  12. How do different colors hold up to the abuse of branches running along side of the Jeep?

    I've had plenty of white vehicles and could see swirls and scratches from 10 feet away. I think the color that has worked best for not showing imperfections, or dirt, has been the med-dark metallic greys, like Granite Crystal. At least for me, but I'm in South Florida, sunlight shinning on...
  13. Help With Identifying Where Rainwater Is Coming From

    Sure the drain plug in the floor board under the carpet cutout, is tight? and FYI: there is another plug under the seat.
  14. How to secure rear spare wheel?

    What about just removing the spare? Do you have AAA? Do you often travel far from home? When was the last time you had a flat?
  15. Rain Gutter Fix

    I think the best solution would be a complete gutter cap. Do we really need a gutter, other than mounting racks? Seems letting the water just run down would be the easiest solution, since if it is raining, your windows are closed anyway, so the run off would be no issue, but at least it...
  16. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    This may be too late. But, when I was installing some rock lights, I unplugged a connecter up under the passenger front wheel well, to make it easier to route wires. I ended up forgetting I had unplugged it, and got the same warnings and lights you are getting. I was about to have it towed to...
  17. Reset Power Inverter?

    Maybe just pull the fuse? F110 is what I find.
  18. Ford Pass is free for all owners

    They would do better to have a subscription, and then to also have a "usage". So if you don't have the subscription, but for some reason , use the app to access your vehicle, they charge your CC per usage, maybe like $1-$2. Someone who uses it a lot would benefit from a subscription.
  19. 2021 Adds Two Additional USB Ports?

    Actually as much as we would all like 2020 to end already, it is still only 2020. ;)
  20. 2021 Wrangler 4XE Launch Brochure reveals unique wheels and gauge cluster

    Hope the gaugeon the right works better than my speedometer gauge. :P