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  1. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Thanks for the update. Very much appreciated. Since there’s a few loyal Teraflex fans on here that have been holding out for the release (for quite some time now) is there any chance we can PM you and be some of the first to receive it?
  2. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    I asked one of their vendors and they said it’s getting pushed to March. @TeraFlex can you confirm?
  3. Indiana (Price Decrease) JLUR Steel Front Bumper Take Off (Fort Wayne)

    For sale is a JLUR steel front bumper taken off a 2020 Rubi with 7.5k miles. Bumper is in great condition. New steel front bumpers are $1,099, steel skid is $259 and LED fogs are $309 (pricing from Quadratec). Note: I used the female end of the light harness so a replacement will need to be...
  4. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    @TeraFlex thank you for the update. I’m assuming $799 is for the hinge reinforcement and tire carrier. What is the price for the hinge reinforcement alone?
  5. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    More info. Still no release date.
  6. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    New Teraflex JL hinge reinforcement debuting at SEMA this week!
  7. Light bars and pillar lights

    Mount type/brand for light bar and a pillar?
  8. Indiana Taking down until new bumper is delivered.

    Taking down until new bumper is delivered.
  9. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Any news lately? @TeraFlex
  10. Indiana 2020 Rubicon Take-Off Suspension ($100) - Price Decrease

    Selling shocks, springs, lower control arms, sway bars and bump stops from a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Parts were removed when the Jeep only had 3,500 miles. Just the shocks and springs need to be installed on a Sport or Sahara for an easy 1.5" lift. The lower control arms and sway bars are...
  11. Kentucky WTB-Rubicon take off wheels/wheel tire sets

    Hello, I’m in Fort Wayne and have five Rubi takeoffs.
  12. Indiana ‘20 Rubicon Take-Off Wheels/Tires - 3,500 miles (Fort Wayne)

    - Selling five (5) Rubicon take-off wheels and tires (center caps included - first wheel is spare) - Falken Wildpeak MT/01, LT285/70R17 - Load Range C - 4 @ 3,500 miles, 1 @ 0 miles (spare) - Located in Fort Wayne, IN - $1,400 OBO