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  1. Overlanding without a roof rack, exterior storage or seat delete? Sky OneTouch top challenge

    Exact same situation here. Wife, dog, sky one touch. Wife originally wanted the Gobi and RTT but that is a little too permanent for me. I'm seriously considering the Vector shelf and also the LOD Offroad Destroyer rear bumper and tire carrier with Destroyer trail rack just to get a bit more...
  2. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    Wife installed hers 1.5 weeks ago. Watched the vids and took her time and cleaned everything. The front strip keeps unsticking and falling down. Much worse when it's warm out it seems. Anyone else have this happen? Definitely a decrease in noise which is nice and it seems to keep the interior...
  3. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    Dirty and partly shaded but here are my Pro6. Have some KC Flex single pods that I will be mounting as ditch lights once I make a bracket that bolts to the pillar mount. Next will be amber fogs.
  4. Gobi JL Sky One-Touch STEALTH RACK

    Back a few pages.
  5. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Gorilla Automotive 96644BDX. A pic of mine on the previous page.
  6. Front facing off-road cam bumper interference?

    I think anything other than the small Mopar hoop on the steel bumper is going to block some of the view. Here's an older thread on the Gladiator forum that shows a couple views from the inside. I...
  7. Anyone tried Clear Roof Panels?

    Not really. They are pricey because a mold that size and the machine to produce it on is extremely expensive and the volume they actually sell is very low. The material itself isn't that expensive relative to the cost, and calling it proprietary is a stretch. Any secondary operations like...
  8. What winch plate is best?

    I bought Maximus because everyone seems to like it and it was in stock when I was looking for one. It was either that or Warn. Get whatever plate that holds whatever winch to whatever bumper you may have.
  9. Removing the automatic braking system pump will void warranty?

    No need? So what happens when you don't want to lock the brakes but panic and end up locking the brakes causing injury or damage to you or someone else? If you don't want safety features go buy an old CJ. Don't forget to remove the seatbelts too.
  10. 2021 JLUR 35s or 37s?

    The 3.5" lift on 35s doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Makes me think a 2.5" lift on 35s will be perfect for me then since I already have the tires.
  11. California Rubicon rock rails.

    Taken off with less than 1000 miles of street driving. Includes hardware. $100 cash. No shipping.
  12. Hiding pinch seam

    What's your budget? Rockslide Engineering step sliders hide it completely but you have to remover your original ones and pay a pretty penny for them. Worth it for the wife though!
  13. Rock Light Suggestion

    Yes. Just need to make sure your current draw doesn't exceed the capacity of the switch/circuit. I chose to separate all my light groups and accessories which is why I chose Spod. I would have run out of room on my factory switches real quick!
  14. Rock Light Suggestion

    Pretty straight forward once I figured out the instructions. The hardest part is routing and securing any wiring neatly and out of the way that doesn't run through the frame. Actually not hard, just time consuming. The Instructions say to start on the passenger side and locate a hole in the...
  15. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Diesel version? So will your control arms still work or will they be too long for the lower lift? I was about to pull the trigger on your 2.5" Overland kit until I saw this. Now I'm undecided again!
  16. Choosing off-road lights

    I put two KC Gravity Pro 6 wide beams on my bumper and two spots on my A-pillar. Should be plenty for my limited use. And I like the smiley face covers!
  17. 4Wheel Parts

    I can literally walk to their headquarters/warehouse in Compton from my shop and I avoid them like the plague. Only if I'm in dire need of something right away do I go there. I treat them like a fire alarm. Break glass incase of emergency!
  18. 2020 JL Unlimited Sky One Touch Interior Cargo Shelf

    Good to know. Did they say if you have to remove the top or not to install it? I'd hate to screw up my top by removing it.
  19. 2020 JL Unlimited Sky One Touch Interior Cargo Shelf

    How does that mount without removing the top first? Us Sky One Touch top owners aren’t supposed to remove the top period. I don’t see anything stating that it can be used with the SOT. In fact, the instruction say to remove the top.