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  1. Florida Off-Roading

    In general FL trails are tame except for mud. Citrus Wildlife Management Area and Ocala National Forest are the top two places in FL. Richloam Wildlife Management Area and Big Cypress/Everglades are swamps if you like to deal with mud and water. If you go to Big Cypress you'll need to schedule...
  2. Question about 11.2.6 beta

    How would brake lock help change or rotate wheels vs being in park and/or parking brake on? Not being an asshole, just curious.
  3. Factory Half Door Installation Video For JL / JLU / JT

    Wonder why they didn't incorporate the door hold like the full doors? Still cannot wait to order the doors!
  4. Florida Off-Roading has some easy trails listed for Ocala. Ocala is mainly for ATVs, dirtbikes, and UTVs so if you go off the main trails they get very tight and scratchy.
  5. Florida Roam 2-Door Rock Slider Steps

    Are these the frame mounted version? And I second the question, where in FL?
  6. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    You don't need to keep your key fob in a faraday cage to prevent theft. All it takes is a computer to scan and trigger the frequency of a FOB. Tesla went through the same issue except their solution I believe was to add two-factor authentication, such as putting in a PIN code to shift from park.
  7. California Jeep JL Pins!

    Got my pins today! Thanks for the quick shipping and I really like the detail!
  8. Disable 97MPH Top Speed Governor due to stock 33 M/T?

    Make sure your tires are rated for those speeds, such as BFG TA TO2 are rated for 99MPH. Tire speed ratings are why there's a governor to begin with. "Bigger more comfortable tires" has absolutely nothing to do with how fast they are rated for.
  9. JL Fender Gap Collects Debris

    Another vote for using solid version instead of the hollow one.
  10. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    Supras and NSXs were just easy examples to disprove your, "There is not one person on the planet that looks back 29 years and dreams about riding in a Honda or Toyota" comment. Just like your story about you and your friend cruising around, I'm sure there are plenty of people reminiscing about...
  11. 2 Post Auto Lift - Any Recommendations?

    I've been eyeing Bendpak's GP-7 but that needs a 13' tall garage. You could probably use GP-7-LC or XPR-9S. Also Bedpak purchased Dannmar, in case you were looking at their lifts.
  12. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    No, those are ALL boring, nobody buys those, and Wranglers are the only fun object in the universe. lol I'm beginning to think this thread has become, "Stupid things Wrangler owners say" unfortunately.
  13. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    So you're saying that yes, people DO buy Toyotas and Honda for fun and have great memories in them.
  14. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    I'm sure there are plenty of people dreaming about riding in a Supra MK4 and NSX rather than a throwaway Wrangler. Plenty of people will also put $12k+ into them for fun.
  15. Florida Off-Roading is a good resource.
  16. 2 Door Hard Top NVH Question

    I have not noticed any boomy sounds in my two door with a hard top. I only hear wind and tire noise.
  17. Tazer JL - 3rd brake light pulse feature

    It has it's own heading. You'll have a fast, medium, and slow option. There's also an option for how many flashes the light does.

    Might want to list if there is a fee, inspection, or any other requirement(s) for accessing the beach.
  19. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    No, LCAs are not 100% the fix for everyone with a dead spot. I have the new steering box as well as longer LCAs and the dead spot is still there.
  20. Winching Backwards

    I've had to winch myself backwards before using two snatch blocks and the standard 100' line that came with my winch. Always good to have knowledge and options.