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  1. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    The K$N should be last alot longer before it gets dirty. Your lungs will be doing the filtering. :LOL:
  2. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    I'm not one to get attached to vehicles. I usually keep them along time, but thats more because I'd be pissed if I lost 50% depreciation after 3 years vs 60% after 8 years.
  3. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    Its always garage kept, and is stored in a heated shop during winter. This is actually true.
  4. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    :facepalm: I ONLY use the best oil at whatever $$$ it costs. It makes me feel warm and cozy inside. I also sleep better at night knowing that the person who buys my vehicles from me is getting a vehicle that has had the best lubricants $$$ can buy.
  5. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    Awesome giveaway. Promo sales are great too!
  6. Topless Drivers

    My wife got topless in the Jeep once. Actually full nude.... Thats probably all I can go with this story......Well other then I was driving.
  7. Sane or insane with my JL on snow tracks

    No. Stopping and taking off is much easier on a snowmobile than any atv. If you get stuck from a stop on a snowmobile, you clearly dont know how to ride. Not to mention, you will not get anywhere close, with your tracked atv, to the snow thats deep enough to make a rider actually have to work to...
  8. Sane or insane with my JL on snow tracks

    As a snowmobiler that regularly rides in untracked powder from 5ft-15ft deep, your atv with tracks will never come close to a snowmobile in capabilities in untracked powder. Lighter and better floatation. The lodges in the Rocky Mtns use 4x4 vans with tracks on them as well. Those are really...
  9. The great octane debate: 2.0 Turbo owners - What grade gas do you use?

    You might want to do some research on turbos and altitude and octane before you start using 85 octane all the time in a forced induction engine. At any elevation.
  10. Do we have to run premium?

    So all this shit isn't discussed every week? You and that other dude are arguing 2 different things to arrive at the same conclusion......LMAO Somebody has to be stern with folks like you.
  11. Do we have to run premium?

    Hopefully this thread is dead. I'll see all you guys next week when it gets brought up again.
  12. Do we have to run premium?

    Jeezus you guys are slow. Less octane has the potential to make less power because of ECU mapping due to preignition. The BTU of all pump gas fuels is the same. End this shit!
  13. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    Please stop repeating this. It is wrong!
  14. Gas type in Jeep

    The bold is incorrect. All grades of gasoline have the same BTU, unless the ethanol content is different. Any fuel without ethanol has higher BTU than a fuel with ethanol added. In many areas, 91 octane is ethanol free, and therefore has higher BTU than 87 with 10% ethanol added. 93 octane...
  15. 2.0 without eTorque drivers: how is your experience with the Jeep's A/C?

    Does the AC compressor not stop when the engine is not running on the Etorque? Or any engine for that matter?
  16. No Lift Off-Roading People

    Wife and I did Hell's Revenge in a stock suspension, wheel and tire JLUR. Scraped some, knocked some bedliner off the body mount Roam steps. But no damage. We also did Shaffers trail, and some other trail south of Moab. But those are pretty easy. Hell's is our first REAL off road trail thats not...
  17. Another “35s or 37s?” Thread,,, questions

    My Rubicon 2.0 with OEM wheels and tires is lucky to get 23mpg if I hyper mile it. And thats 45-55mph. On freeway with ANY wind its around 15-17mpg.
  18. 3 Offroad shops have stirred me away from Metalcloak to Teraflex suspension due to much better warranty service

    Not dog in this fight here, but Textron does not own Polaris. They do own Arctic Cat though. Polaris is its own, and they do own many others.
  19. Has a solution been found for radio interference and LED's yet?

    I bought some LED headlights with DRL in them. The DRL causes radio interference. Has a solution been found for this yet? This is the lights I bought
  20. Premium Soft Top vs Regular: Worth the $ Difference?

    I have the standard. Bought it after we bought the Jeep. I haven't noticed any shrinking or stretching in mine. I live in WI. Have used it in anywhere from 45* to 100*. We use it during spring summer and fall months. In winter Jeep is stored once they start putting salt on roads. We are happy...