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  1. Dead in the water

    Mercury Retrograde strikes again Hope it gets fixed soon, op
  2. Is overheating an issue?

    Removing front bumper, detaching a few things including the Intercooler and then replacing the original connecting pipes with those, thus gaining better airflow and stuff Never actually diy, so might have a step or two out of place
  3. Is overheating an issue?

    Fortunately, there is this for a partial solution
  4. Ladies, what did you drive before your Wrangler?

    First vehicle was a Liberty, definitely memorable. What were the specs and color, any mods to it?
  5. Ladies, what did you drive before your Wrangler?

    Beautiful girl you got there, Julie, love how she looks and also how you had miata's and verts. Yeah, she definitely has to test drive one, gonna bring it up to her come spring, when you can take the top off during the test drive without being crazy, hopefully that part of the experience...
  6. Ladies, what did you drive before your Wrangler?

    Long story short, sister sent me a listing for a Saturn Sky earlier, and while I think it's awesome, also remember the lease on her RDX Turbo is up this summer (July I think), and think that if we don't go dutch on a cheap little vert, then next best thing for her would be a Wrangler. Don't...
  7. Naked JL Pics - Topless and Doorless (Jeeps only please)

    Sent to my sister, she wants a cheap vert for a summer toy, this is more a possible plan b when her Acura goes back this summer