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  1. Remote Start Heating

    I am really enjoying the remote start and heated steering / seats. Is there a way to change the factory setting of 40 F and raise it to 45F or so?
  2. Sunrider Tops for JL?

    I ended up getting the twill as well. I put in the litecode and it took it but haven’t received anything yet.
  3. Sunrider Tops for JL?

    I am ready to get one today. Which fabric did everyone get?
  4. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Hello, I am looking around to get into a Jeep and more options available as far as inventory to go without leather. The picture of the red/black upgrade seems really nice. Can someone who ordered confirm that the red dash matches, also does the factory red stitching match the one that...